Prophetic Dreams

((Deticated to Tiffany Lemler who claimed to also see the future and the past in her dreams. She was just as nuts as I am though, but just as creativity and mental illness seem to be linked so does psychic ability and mental illness seem to be linked as well.))


Fabrics of our unconscious,

Hidden messages in every nook and seam,

Images bestowed upon by our subconscious.


Vesages into an unseen future,

Portal into the future, seeing what we can gleam

Precognition, premonitions they are so peculiar.


Shadows at the back of our minds,

What lies hidden in our dream schemes?,

What images and messages can be devined?


Nightmarish at the core,

Or filled with lust unforeseen,

Of a love that will be nevermore.


Is it really worth meeting the ONE of your dreams,

When everything started to rip apart at the seams,

When the ONE isn't even destined to be yours, and this fact is so hard to gleam.


Living with a thousand regrets,

Able to see the unforeseen,

But not being able to circumvent.

Prophetic dreams,

Are they really worth it when you are insane?

Dreams are to me something rendered to be bane,

Something that was once considered a gift; is now a curse needing to be ripped apart at the seams.