Couldn't see you; no, not at all

Oh how my head was far too tall

Couldn't let go

of my ego

Never climbed so I couldn't fall

Stayed small..

All I had to do was crawl.

I used to love being on my own

I felt portrayed as being alone

My life felt like an empty home

For my solitude I did condone.

Not once did I run for my prize

Always was it given to me

Not once did I ever have to try

I always won 1st place easily.

No rocky path to travel along

Not one hurtful thorn to step upon

No trouble for what I did wrong

I always seemed so headstrong.

With my hands positioned together

Kneeling, I desperately prayed

Searching for forgiveness, I endeavour

For I knew along the road I would stray.

I turned back and left my future behind

My remote pressed pause as I would rewind

Change what I've done, to better what I'm to do

My new beginning, was just about due.

I could see you, I could see all

my wisdom grew tall

Had to let go

of my ego

Climbed high, for I knew how to fall.

Broke down my wall

I ran because I knew how to crawl…