When I Was Young

When I was young

Little more than a child,

I sat at my window and

Wished upon a shooting star.

When I was young,

Nothing more than a child,

I sang songs that spoke of magic,

And I believed every word.

When I was young,

And loving being a child,

I knew I could find a pot of gold

Under every single rainbow.

When I was young,

Now more than a child,

I was sure all friendships

Could last beyond forever.

When I was young,

Much more than a child,

I look back and I wonder,

"Where has my faith all gone?"

Now, I am still young,

Yet no more a child.

I look around me without

A child's over imagined sight.

I am still young,

I am still a child.

I hear a song, a poem, a single word

And I know the world again.

While I am young,

Still no more than a child,

I see the world as a child will

And I greet it like a child every day.