I stand here, silent
On the edge of a great divide
I see You on the other side
And I long to join You

I move closer, slightly
To that edge, eyes on You
You smile at me gently
A smile that calls to me

I lean towards You
Wishing I had the wings to fly
You wave to me, calling
I can barely hear Your voice

"Fly to me," You call
Across the distance
"I cannot, I will fall!"
My heart cries in response

"Oh, you of little faith,
Do you believe I will not
Catch you should you fall?
You are safe in your faith."

You hold out Your arms
A great smile on Your face.
"Come fly to me! Do not fear!"
And You stand there, waiting

I close my eyes, tightly
So as not to see the emptiness below
And I leap out across the darkness
Straight into Your waiting embrace.