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The Lockets

Chapter 1: My Name Is Ravida.

It was raining.

Most people would moan and complain about the English climate, but I don't really see the point.

It doesn't change anything.

We'll moan and complain and people will pretend to care, agreeing and helping you complain even more, but the rain isn't going to stop.

It isn't like it listens.

Still, as I leave the house I grab my umbrella, check I've got everything and walk down the street.

Its the middle of Autumn and the crisp morning air feels like its freezing my lungs every time I breathe.

I stop by the corner shop and pay for a drink, its days like this you need a whole lot of energy .

I pick one up for Lulu too, though I know I'll ask myself why later on.

I let a small smile creep on to my face at that thought, then I heard someone behind me.

I roll my eyes at Mal's failed attempt at sneaking up. He was was about to jump when I turned to look at him, keeping a straight face.

In the end, it was he who yelped in surprise, this always happened, yet he always tried.

I admired him for that, not giving up that is; not that I'd ever tell him that of course.

"Awwww! SOOO CLOSE!" I raised my eybrow at that, then turned and continued walking, slower than before though.

"You know you'll never get me." I drawl looking straight ahead.

He turns my way slightly, then just grins even wider,"You know I will! One of these days you'll let your guard down and then? Then I'll get you!"

I shake my head; slightly in pity, slightly unbelieving at the fact that this boy would go to such lengths just to see me jump.

We walk together the rest of the way to school, as always, but as we reach the green, worn down gates we part ways.

He waves and goes to join his...gang I suppose, while I go join mine.

I can't help but feel annoyed at that.

The gangs, I mean.

Theres the 'cool kids', the 'uncool kids', nerds, geeks, people nobody talk to... the list goes on and on.

I don't see the point.

Why would we have groups? People think that being in a group means that those people are all there friends.

There not.

Everyone talks behind everyone elses back, gossiping, spreading rumours... doesn't matter whose in your 'group'.

Everyone has qualities people don't particularly like, if anyone were to say different?

There either really shallow, or lying about there opinions; then again, lying about opinions on everything is on of the many reasons we get put into groups.

Lets face it, we'll go to school with these people, talk to friends, cool people, uncool people.

Fact is... half of these people we will never see after we finish school.

Sure there may be the rare occasion where someone runs into an old classmate and say "OH MY GOD! Is that you insert name here".

The only people we will really stick close to are our best friends.

Which is the band of people I'm walking up to now.

"RAE!RAE!RAE!RAE!RAE!RAE! YOUR HERE ITS BEEN AAAGGGEEESSS!" Yeah, I knew I'd regret getting her a ... I wonder ... could I hide it?

"We saw Raven yesterday Lu..." Jess said chuckling slightly.

Yeah thats my name, Raven. Well legally it's Ravida... that means Necklace by the way... but everyone had been calling me Raven, or Rae, for so long its sort of become my name.

I remember the first time my Grandmother called me that, on my 5th birthday.

She looked me in the eyes and said to me,"Your speacial, my dear. Don't let anyone EVER tell you otherwise. You are speacial my beautiful Raven."

Then she handed me my present.

It was a box.

I turned it around and looked at how to open it for about 10 minutes then I came downstairs again and wailed," Its impossible Grandma! I'll never be able to open it and see your present! I'm sorry!"

I looked at her in confusion when she laughed," Its a puzzle my dear! You must figure out how to open it. Raven... remember no matter what anyone says. That if you keep a clear mind and an open heart... nothing is impossible. Remember that. My dear, sweet Raven."

I spent the whole day and night trying to open it, but it wouldn't budge.

My mother saw how upset about it I was getting, so the next day she took me to see grandma... but she had died.

The day after my birthday.

The coroners said it was a mystery, they couldn't determine why she died, but mum said it was probably of old age.

It was sad at the funeral, everyone who knew my grandma was there, but that wasn't surprising.

She was just one of those people you got immediatley attatched to.

I cried.

For a whole week.

I cried.

Then I remembered something my grandmother used to say, and I stopped crying.

I grew strong.

Thats what my Grandmother wanted right?

And I wouldn't let her down!