I've gone through life
Chasing a dream,
Watching it dance
Just out of reach.

And as it dances,
And as I run,
It moves forwards,
But never leaves me.

Should I look back?
No, I must look forward
If I want to learn the dance,
The dance of my dream.

And as I watch,
And as I learn,
I get closer,
Inch by inch.

Do I look forward?
Yes, I cannot go back.
The past teaches me,
My dream leads me.

And as I dance,
And as I sing,
My dream comes
Comes close to me.

Do I look back?
Yes, to see a child
Who looks just like me.
She doesn't know yet.

And I reach out,
And she does the same,
We dance together
Hand in hand.

Why do we dance?
Why, because we've won!
We've learned the dance,
The dance of our dream.

And so we dance.