He looked down at her limp and bloodied body. The pain he felt was extricating; there were no words to describe what he felt. He fell to his knees and laid her head on his lap. His hands ran through her hair, as if to comfort her. Her beautiful long hair was soaked in blood. His body shook with sobs but he didn't cry; he never did.

He heard a moan and looked down to see her eyes fluttering, yet quit not open. He gasped. Her lips parted and she drew in a breath. Then those eyes of hers opened revealing the color of bright wild green. "You're alive," he said.

The wind blew and the trees danced as so did they're shadows. She shivered. He took off his jacket and covered her from the cold. "It's too late," she said in a croak voice. It was hard for her to speak. The rise of her chest was slowing; her eye lids grew heavy. "You must let me go."

He shook his head frantically willing her to understand. "No," he said in a thick voice. "I won't let it be. Do you not see that every breath you take you give me life, you are my will to continue walking on earth. Without you by my side I can't…no… I won't live."

"Then mourn me my love. Mourn me with every grief and sorrow left in your heart. Then take your vengeance with anger and hate; take our vengeance. Be satisfied with knowing that I will lay in peace because I will be happy knowing that those who toke me from you will know pain."

"Why? Why go this far to separate us?" He knew why she asked him of that, to revenge her. It was so that he would have a purpose in life and would continue living despite his wish to die with her.

"I am an existence that should not be. Your family feared that I would bring you and them misfortune. I am a monster who shifts form, and because of my selfish wishes I also turned you into a monster." Pain rocked through her body her heart. It was time. "Promise me their death."

"I don't understand!"

She patted my hand. "You will one day."

He looked at her. He had loved this woman like no other. From first sight she stole his heart. She gave him everything he never thought possible. Every time she smiled or laughed his world brightened. "I promise you that they will die by my bare hands."

She smiled and time seemed to completely stop. Thump…thump…thump…nothing. Wet moisture fell from his eyes onto her cheek. He finally shed a tear. He bent down to kiss her head. "Goodnight, my love."

He left her body that day in the forest. Ever since then he's been on the hunt for vengeance. The only reason he lived was to grant her wish and keep his promise. It was only on the next full moon that he understood. She had turned him into a werewolf. He didn't hate her for it. Because now he'd be able to experience the pain she once went through.