9:12 PM They're reenacting World War II out there with nerf guns right now. I'm not even fucking joking.

9:20 PM minus the genocide. Just checked. We're England, we just got invaded by Germany. Goddammit, you guys.

9:32 PM got shot five times on the way to the bathroom. They told me there are no civilians in this war.

11:08 PM The damn French have caved, as usual. Only Madagascar remains standing. Truly, the Rubberfoamblitzkrieg is terrifying to behold. I think they are probably still sore that we stole all their doors last month and replaced them with riddles.

11:27 PM Madagascar is doing remarkably well considering they are generaled by the ghost of Erwin Rommel and a lion.

12:15 AM Yes, Rommel was not very happy about the whole enforced suicide thing so that is why he defected to Madagascar. Germany still has Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and the ghost of Richard Wagner on their side though so I am not sure they can win.

12:27 AM Beethoven is not on Germany's side because he is not a Nazi.

12:35 AM Leibniz just hates Isaac Newton.

2:04 AM Update: We are all part of the Reich now. Leibnitz made Isaac Newton admit he invented Calculus first. It was terrible.

For the knowledge of future oppressed generations I have compiled a list of the participants and Generals of this War as follows:

Germany: Hitler, The Ghost of Richard Wagner, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz
England: Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, James Bond/Sean Connery
France: Louis Vuitton, Dr. Guillotine, Napoleon (they are not very big on history over there)
Madagascar: The Ghost of General Erwin Rommel (replacing the rhino) and a lion. There was also a zebra but General Rommel ate the zebra.

Addendum: America and Russia were too preoccupied fighting their own war with blackjack and hookers so that is why they did not participate in this round. Also we are working on getting Dr. Who on our side so I think we should do better next time. I think we should replace Winston Churchill with Duke Wellington (not the beef dish) but no one listens to me.