Help Wanted

There ain't no
"Help Wanted!" signs
In the windows anymore.
Nothin' for us kids to do.

Yet you still wonder why
We ain't doing nothin'.
Loungin' around the street corners
With nothin' to show for our day's work
But the cheap ciggies and booze.
(But, in case you're wonderin',
We nicked 'em from the Offie last week.)

Coppers almost nicked us that time.
They treat us like we ain't worth a dime.
Covered head to toe in grime.
But ask yourselves "What's their crime?"

There ain't nothin' to do, so we do nothin'.
They call it a bluff but we ain't bluffin'.
The ciggies leave us huffin' and puffin'.
And the coppers our hands they be constantly cuffin'.

The drink makes it more unclear
There's no place for us, not nowhere near.
To hell with it, hand us another beer.
I'm sure it'll be better by next year.

But next year's come, and next year's dead.
And even more trouble lies ahead.
Don't talk to me about all your dread.
Go swap your life for mine instead.

What've we got to live for, eh?
Tell us what we've got to live for.