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\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Peface /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

"Are you ready?"

His cool voice complimented the darkness that enclosed the two of them in this small box. The only light source was from vent-like windows that lined the top sides of the trailer. The light had that hypnotizing cloudy quality reminiscent of the dust floating through a beam of sunlight, except that the 'dust' drifting through this light seemed to absorb it like darkness.

The vehicle went over a bump, making both of it's passengers lurch forward.

"Yes, sir." was the reply of the other person. She spoke in her usual soft, delicate, but still enthusiastic tone. In contrast to Him, She sounded like a well-mannered child. She sat looking down with her hands in her lap, opposite of Him. She was doing a very good job at adjusting to her new surroundings, which would, from this point on, be ever-changing. Despite her exhaustingly believable attempt at looking calm and collected, as she had been training her whole life to do, the slightest of shaking could be observed whenever she would raise a hand up for whatever reason.

He wasn't paying enough attention to her subtle subconscious movements to notice the scant amount of quivering. He was too deep in thought. One would never guess by looking at him – he doesn't even know it himself—but he is every bit as nervous as she is. He was leaning back against the wall, looking a bit too comfortable in his seat. Surely he must be confident, to be relaxing in such a way. "And you're positive you understand all of your orders?"

"Yes, sir. I can recite each of them if you wish." She brushed her golden hair out of her face, even though the strands fell back in to place before she could replace her hand in her lap. She tilted her head a little bit, to move the hair away from her eyes without letting the movement of hands distract Him. Her expression was very concerned and very focused.

"No, no…" he replied, crossing his legs and putting his thumb up near his lips. "That won't be necessary. Your memory may actually pose a threat." He paused, waiting for Her to speak her thoughts about her own thoughts, but she didn't. She never did, and when he remembered that after a few seconds of silence, he continued. "Last Summer, what was the exit code for the Main Building?"

"I don't remember." She replied.

He smiled. "Good. Recover it." A quick memory manipulation test would qualm the little demons of anxiety that were beginning to show their ugly faces in the back of His mind.

"10579861." She recited monotonously. That was the code, alright.

He grinned. "Excellent." He stood up and stretched his arms out a bit. "Listen very closely. I want you to forget everything you know about me, our home, your past—all of it. I don't want any of this surfacing after I send you out. You can keep your name, and that's about it. Do you understand?"

The door, which took up the entire back of their vehicle, began to open. The top of it lowered, and the sunlight flooded in. It was so bright, it made both of them cringe a little bit. As the white flowed in, the strange black fog, which hadn't even been visible until this point, flowed out near the bottom. The colors contrasted each other dramatically.

"Yes sir!" she said. A hint of excitement had let itself slip in her voice. He sighed and stepped back to let her pass.

"Good luck, Kolmetoista." He said, as she jumped out. "Forget the rest of it now, including this encounter, and under no means remember it, unless I give the phrase."