The Revived Light

The darkness consumes our souls into an abyss

Deep within the heart of hatred and misery

The war between time and reality

Sparks like the burning flame of Hell.

So we see there is no other way

but to fight for who we are.

To see the daylight once more.

Must the red sky be abolished.

I looked upon the bleeding sky thinking,

"Everything has fallen apart so why am I still standing?"

I grabbed hold of my sword rushing in

and slicing my enemies.

The days had never seemed slower...

With every body that falls I see myself get closer

to the light hidden behind the shadows of evil

So one day, I pray that the months speed by,

and the years flow down the clean river of time.

Do you see it? That light of hope we were searching for?

Can you see it's almost in our grasp?

Blood decorated the broken ground.

As the light faded, my mind closed down.

Enemies ,enraged, came crashing down on me

What could I do? There was no way out from this hell

brought upon by the catalyst's euphoria.

A blooming flower eventually dies

Just as babies eventually perish

Everyone has their end and it's inevitable.

The climax of the story is the most exciting part

So why is death so saddening?

I can't let it end now, not yet.

I must get up and keep fighting

To save those who deserve life.

I grab hold of the sword once more and charge with all my vitality.

I outstretch my arm to salvation.