Okay, this is based upon 7 magically powerful sisters that I created a while ago at various times. ALL of them have been altered somewhat from the time they were created. If you find yourself confused, please let me know. This is the first time I've actually finished something with them in it, although I've had these characters for a LONG time(some longer than others.). Because I've had them for so long, I tend to forget that most people don't know who the hell these psychos are. I do my best, but technically, that isn't saying much. By the way, these sisters are all the same age(physically, 25), so there aren't any "younger sister" meekness feelings, or arrogant "older sister" feelings. Any feelings they have are simply because of their personality, not their age. Also, whenever I say someone's age in this fic, I mean physically.

Disclaimers: I don't own the Seven Elemental Sisters From Hell or any other characters in here- Wait a minute, yes I do! Argh…

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The Magically Enhanced Story With A Really Sucky Title

Chapter One(Or is that Chapter 89?)

Once, in a land so far way that you wouldn't be able to see it with 20/20 vision, the largest telescope available, and upgraded computer technology, there were 5 powerful sisters…(reads script again and slaps head) Er, make that 7 powerful sisters…I really must practice these things…
Anyway, these sisters each had an equal portion of Hell…(looks at script again and sighs) They each had an equal portion of the land, and each of them controlled their own portion without getting in each other's way. However, it came to their attention that there were other powerful beings in the land. Naturally, they were a more than a little bitchy…Oops…(unhappy Goddess of Script Readers comes down and smites current script reader. Replaces smote script reader with a more accurate one) Um…Oh, there we are…Naturally, they were more than a bit concerned about this and ordered their lands'(replaces "lands'" with "kingdoms'") kingdoms' inhabitants to bring forth these other powerful beings.
Unfortunately for them, that was easier said than done, and Iss, the elemental sister of Plants, was practically mute…

Earlia, elemental sister of Wind, stubbornly paced back and forth above a patch of choppy sea in Sprix' sanctum, while the elemental sister of Water watched nervously. Earlia stopped pacing and looked accusingly at Sprix.
"Well? Why has no one been able to find these people? You'd think it'd be a simple enough task, but obviously, we have IMCOMPETENT FOOLS FOR PEASANTS!" She screeched. Calming down, she sighed and shrugged her shoulders hopelessly. Sprix tried to lighten her sister's mood.
"Well, they ARE supposed to be powerful beings. They must be at least a LITTLE smart to have survived this far without being discovered," She pointed out. Earlia nodded miserably.
"Yes, I know. What I don't understand is that, if they're so powerful, why don't they have people obeying…them…" She wrinkled her brow as she remembered something that a loyalist of her kingdom had presented to her, although she had dismissed it at the time.
"Isn't there…some kind of village in my kingdom that's being controlled by some weird family?" She pondered out loud. Sprix blinked, not understanding at first, then grinned at her sister.
"I do believe we should meet this family," The two elemental sisters nodded at each other and used their own ways of transportation to reach the mentioned village.

Meanwhile, their other sisters are all searching their kingdoms themselves, personally doubting the intelligence of their subjects. My, aren't we dealing with trusting people here? God, what kind of ruler doesn't trust their freaking subjects?…(unhappy Goddess of Script Readers comes down again and squashes current script reader like a bug. Replaces squashed script reader with a more loyal one) Okay, moving on…

In the village mentioned earlier by Earlia(snickers, then quickly takes it back while glancing upward), there is indeed a weird family controlling it. All of the members of this family have white hair, charcoal black eyes, and are somehow insane.
Probably the oddest fact about this family is that they're all siblings. All 10 of them. No half-siblings, no step-siblings, just siblings. Ranging from 6-29 years old. Six sisters, four brothers. And now I have to introduce them because I made the mistake of opening my mouth. They have two names, the names that they normally use, and their technical names.
Youngest is six year old Emotion(Mactic), who controls Emotions(rolls eyes at the line just read). Next is eight-year-old Knowledge(Knactic)…What the hell is up with these freaking names? I think the Uncreative Creator helped the author out on this thing…(Uncreative Creator and unhappy Goddess of Script Readers kick current script reader's ass, then torch them. They replace current smoking script reader with a less sarcastic one) Knowledge(Knactic) contains an infinite number of knowledge. Then there are the twins Heal(Hactic) and Pain(Pactic), who can heal people, stop healing processes, hurt people, or numb people's pain. These twins are both 14 years old. Aura(Auctic) is 19 years of age, and can see what side someone's on, and also is the only one that can see a person's space bubbles. Popping a powerful being's space bubble is the only way they can get sick, so this gives her an advantage. Then there's Depression(Dractic, 23 years old), who welds with power of depression, and can also turn people into toads, and her 26 year old brother, Sense(Sactic), who has frighteningly high senses, all six of them, even though he does choose to ignore them a lot. Then there are the eldest set of twins, Spirit(Xactic) and Strength(Stractic), who can both communicate with spirits, although Spirit can control them, and are pretty strong, although Strength can control that. Probably comes from hanging around each other too much. After those 27 year olds comes the 29 year old, Soul(Tactic), who controls people's souls. Soul and Spirit are not to be confused with each other. These two sisters despise each other, and Spirit controls well, ghosts, although she hates the word. Soul controls the living's souls. Strength doesn't really understand his twin's obsession with hating Soul, but he also loathes her. I think the author forgot to mention that Emotion's female, Knowledge is male, Heal's female, and Pain's male. Not that there's anything wrong with this, eheh…(wipes forehead nervously)
This family has two powerful being allies, although none of them really think of themselves as powerful beings. They are Orion(a female), and Ogian(a male). Between them, they weld the power of torture. How pleasant…(unhappy Goddess of Script Readers sighs and refuses to move a muscle on account of the cost of script readers these days)
None of these "powerful beings" were aware that they were being searched for, which was just as well. They were too busy plotting against their villagers, plotting against themselves, plotting AMONGST themselves, and plotting to themselves. As you can see, there's seriously too much plotting going on for them to do anything effective.
Which is why none of them noticed the elemental sisters of Water and Wind entering their village.