Chapter 3, Wasn't It?

"I used to be a normal man, believe it or not."
"Or not," Was a whispered mutter. Mago sighed and continued.
"Shut up, Orion. I-"
"Wasn't me."
"Shut up. I was actually your basic person, except for the simple fact that I was a wizard. Where I was, most people were. NOT including the women, thank you. They were just there to bear children and such."
"And kick your goddamn ass..." Sprix muttered threateningly. Premige shook her head at her blue-haired sister and jerked Mago to continue.
"Anyway, a lot of the wizards battled each other to the death for power. After a while, the only wizards left were me, a few nerds that skipped out of battles, and this one ancient geyser that was said to be all powerful. The nerds I easily took care of, death dimension there, energy-devouring monster there, voila. The ancient geyser, however, was a tad harder.
"I went to 'talk' with him to discover some kind of weakness of his. Apparently, he had a younger sister(with his age, this younger sister could've been 609 years old) he was fond of, and didn't like the way I talked about women."
"Surprise, surprise. What a shock. Oh, do tell," Soul murmured under her breath.
"Anyway, just when I was about to leave, he muttered some kind of weird spell. I really don't know what he said, or what kind of spell it was, but ever since, I've become more and more like...a...a weak woman!" He stifled a sob and sniffed tragically. Strength began to clap.
"Here we have it, people, the reason behind Mago's gayness!" He slapped Mago on the back, dislodging him from Premige's grip.(Unhappy Goddess of Script Readers comes down and flattens current script reader for lack of anything better to do. Unhappy Goddess of Script Readers then turns menacingly to the authoress, who suddenly remembers an appointment to sharpen her teeth. Unhappy Goddess of Script Readers murmurs unrecognizable words beneath her breath and replaces flat script reader with another one, who is trembling in fear for no apparent reason) Mago feebly tried another protest.
"I'm not gay!...Hey, you're actually kind of cute..." He marveled. Strength got an alarmed look on his face and thrust a confused Spirit in front of him.
"Take her! Take her! You said you're not gay, and she looks like me!" He begged. Spirit's eyes widened, and she turned on Strength, proceeding to bash him.
"You bastard! Never, never substitute me for you in one of your little romances, I've said it a thousand times! You never listen to me! You think I'll cry? I won't cry! My heart will break before I cry! Why are you so serious? I live at the end of a 5 and a half minute hallway!" She paused, recalling her words, and slapped herself.
"I sound like the little girl from that one album, "Haunted", by Poe..." Spirit frowned and sat heavily upon her twin's back, who was cringing on the ground, facedown. Orion smiled humorlessly.
"Big surprise. Want to start a bet on how many times she's listened to that damn thing?" She nudged Earlia. Earlia blinked and nodded.
"I place 89 faery golds on 194 times!" She grinned. Ogian sighed and turned to Mago.
"Did you manage to kill the geyser man?" He asked with interest. Mago shook his head.
"No! That bastard, I've never seen him since, except in my nightmares!" He raged. Ogian nodded understandingly.
"Sometimes I feel that way about Orion and Spirit," Nodding again, Ogian pretensed innocence when both Spirit and Orion looked up.
"Hey? We're not gone..." Spirit pursed her lips, clearly disconcerted. Orion narrowed her eyes.
"I know what you did last summer, Ogian. Do you want everyone to know what it is?" She threatened(Unhappy Goddess of Script Readers glares at authoress for imaging Orion as a Mord Sith, then punts current script reader into the death dimension. Replaces punted script reader with one less likely to tremble). Ogian backed away, tripping over Spirit and Strength. With a yelp of frustration, Spirit leapt to her feet and vanished, leaving Strength defenseless against the queer wizard, who was picking black flowers with stems filled with blood. Premige raised her eyebrows at her sisters, who shrugged in return.
"I thought some people would actually listen to us. Besides, you brought him here," Sprix pointed out. Earlia nodded her agreement. The elemental sister of Psychic Elements frowned.
"So? I predict that the gay man shall fall over anyway!" With that, she went right behind Mago and pushed him over. Indeed, the gay man did fall over.
Sprix and Earlia exchanged glances.
"Er, Premige, that isn't exactly a true prediction..."
"Of course it is! I predicted it, and it happened!" Premige clasped her hands together proudly.
"Well, yes, but you made it happen," Soul countered from her left.
"A mere technicality! It still happened!" Premige replied with unwavering confidence.
"Okay..." Strength sighed and watched as Ogian picked up Orion and threw her into the blackberry bushes. She landed with a loud crash and a great deal of swearing. Strength blinked.
"What...just happened?" He inquired shakily.
"Orion pushed me to far again," Ogian muttered, crossing his arms.
"I think I missed something here..." Mago commented, pausing from gathering up the flowers he had spilled on the ground from Premige shoving him. (Unhappy Goddess of Script Readers threatens authoress with a lethal BB gun. Authoress gulps and cuts off the rest of the chapter in exchange for her life. Unhappy Goddess of Script Readers demands money and game systems as well, since it wasn't a fair bargain. Authoress hands her a 20 dollar bill and vanishes. Unhappy Goddess of Script Readers curses and shoots current script reader. Replaces shot script reader with one that's more agile.)