Why I Write

(To Anton,
and all the ones I love,
Or once loved)

I wasn't lying When I said I'm not in love.

You're still perfect but
My heart no longer beats so fast
My breath doesn't hitch up and
My world does not stop spinning.

I don't think I have been in love for a long time.
Not since you.
But now even you
Do not cause that feeling.

But even so I would like to protect you:
When you fall, I would catch you
When you hurt, I would ease the pain
When you cry, I would wipe the bad memories away.

I would be your friend,
Even when you push me away.

Even when I'm far away
I'd like to let you find yourself in my embrace.

Even when you don't believe,
I'd like you to know
Someone worries about you.

But I know
It is hard to accept
That someone takes on your pain.
You would not like it,
the truth in my eyes.

So I write these words
(Words of someone nameless,
faceless, nobody, not me but anyone, everyone, me)

And hope that in my words
You find solace.

- 30 jan 2013