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The sun shined down upon a field of golden wheat, the air smelled of wet grass from the morning dew, and a brother and sister lay in that grass. The boy, shy but strong, smart but childish, and had the face of a man. As for the girl, she too was shy yet adventurous, beautiful and bashful, and everything a man could ever wish for. As they laid they talked of past times, such as when the boy had accidentally embraced himself trying to show off for girls that lived in the city, or another time when the girl had fallen for a foreign boy that said he'd never leave her. They laughed now knowing that they weren't ones for the life of the city, but the country instead. Where the horses ran free, the grass was always green, and the world was still new. The Two laid there for hours on end, until the sun started to set.

"Would you ever run away from here?' The girl asked curious of what her brother may say.

He didn't answer but gave her a troubled look.

"Well? would you?" She again asked this time her voice hinted a bit of anger.

"Why would I? Everything I'd ever need is here." The boy responded, in a low tone noting he didn't like the question much, and would prefer not to talk about it.

"Well think about it, we could… Go explore the world, leave everything behind. Take Tide and Savvis with us." (*these are their horses*)

The boy thought this over. "What about ma n' Pa? they would be worried sick about us… they would loose the farm and die in the cold winter nights"

The girl laughed. "They would be fine, they wouldn't need to pay as much with us gone, and Pa wouldn't ever let this place go under, you know that, he's too stuburn."

The boy again thought for a bit. "Well I don't know… Maybe… But I don't know. Would you?"

The girl looked down, she seemed to be bothered by the question as well. "I would… If God gave me the chance… I would love to explore the world, buy a ship too, sail the 7 seas, and go off to a foreign country start a farm find a real man… but I couldn't without help… that's my reason on asking."

The boy started to answer again, but he was cut off, the siblings mother called for him as she walked out of the house. Her face sowing a signs that she had been crying. The boy ran to his mother, to check if everything was ok.

"Mom? are you ok?" The boy asked, wanting her to answer quickly but she couldn't talk it seemed.

She finally got control of her voice and spoke through weeping. "The North needs solders… they are going to war with the South, you've been drafted. They will be here by the end of the week.

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