..."Piermont! Piermont! See what no one else sees, see that of which is to come!" a voice whispered softly into Piermont's ear. He found himself in some kind of endless black void. His feet weren't touching anything, even though he was no flying or hovering. He ran, it felt as if he was running on solid ground. After what seemed like eternities, he concluded he was not getting anywhere. "Where am I? Help! Somebody please hear me! I need help!"

It was cold, so cold, Piermont's breath was coming in clouds. However, he felt as warm as he had felt when he entered the dreadful portal. "This must be Hell! It was a portal to Hell!" he shouted to nobody. Before his eyes, a small scene was revealed before him. A deep purple sky held millions of glittering stars. Stars surrounded him everywhere. A stone palm tree stood lifeless with huge frozen icicles, both pitch black in the center. Then he saw that four ball-shaped structures stood encircling the room at the North, South, East, and West points. They all had a strange wheel sealing off what was behind them. One had a carving of a single leafless tree. Another, a teardrop, a third, a flame that looked like a candle-flame, and the last, a carving of a gust of wind that looked almost like a tornado. He walked over to touch the carving of the tree but was shocked. "NO! The time is not yet right for the beginning of the elemental quests!" the voice in his mind hissed.

In the middle of the room, under the tree, was a pool of neon green liquid. He dropped a stone in the strange liquid which bubbled and the stone melted immediately into liquid magma. "Strange, this must be even more hot than anything I have ever seen. It's hotter than lava! This is horrible, how will I ever get back to my family? There must be some way. The only things I can see is this strange formation and this deadly liquid." Piermont spat into the solution which exploded and landed on everything except him. With a hiss, the area dissolved and melted into the void. Piermont fell into the starry depths. After what seemed like hours, he landed rather harshly on baked earth. Before him, the Battle Of Martaan lived once more, then it morphed into the storm in which he had hopped into the portal. He shielded his eyes as the world turned into starry sludge and he sank into the goo.

He fell from the pit that was the sky overhead and onto a glowing pathway. He touched the sludgy path. His prints were then permanently burned into it. He ran following the skywalk, it was tough to move, just like running through water. A loud rumbling stabbed his ears, his muscular body twitched in pain. He felt his ears pop. The pathway before him melted with a loud hiss and he fell once more into the endless abyss. This time, he fell from the starry heavens and into a golden sky...


The Martaan Trilogy

Book Two

Bellum of Vicis