Kid of the west ch.1

By Bloodspillwolf1

A young woman was looking through all of the files in the shaft desk not noticing a outlaw in the prison beside the desk. "Au here we are. Know no one will know of the 'mask outlaw' in this town." She said to herself happen to turn around and a hand grabbed the file out of her hands from the other side of the bars. "Hay give that back." She said quietly making share that the sleeping grad but the desk did not wake up.

As a figure of a man step in to the low light and she seen it was a racoon. "So you want this file back?" he says in a low term well looking at her.

She went to reach for it but he just pulls it away from her react. "Yes I want the file now give it to me." she told him still trying to grab the file back.

He just smile under his fur the fell over his lips then he reply back to her "well if you free me, I will give the file to you." She stopped and looked at him.

"If I don't" she ask him still not don't want to trust him but he just smiled and toke a big breath in. he was going to wake up the guard. "Fine fine, just don't wake the guard up." she said before he let the yell out.

It toke her some time but she got it unlock for him and as he past her on the way out he hand the file over to like he promise. "The name is Tennessee, Tennessee 'kid' Cooper," He told her as he past her on her horse.

She just looked at him and reply to him "you should just go Mr. Cooper. Before the shrift find out that you got away." As she taped her horse side and galloped away.

Tennessee just shook his head and galloped away out of the small town.

As the shrift waked in the office and seen the cell unlock, open and empty. "What where is the 'kid'," he ask so confuse "officer wake you lazy butt, get off to chair and find to 'kid'!" he yelled at the sleeping officer making him jump and rush out of the office. The shrift sat down at his desk and knottiest the desk door was open and the 'mask outlaw' file was gone. "Hum, is the 'kid' and the 'mask outlaw' working together or what?" he asks himself. Lost in his thought he did not even know that his wife waked in the office.

"Honey are you all right?"She ask braking his train of thought. He just looked at her and nodded. She walked to the hangers got her belt and hat from it and stopped by his desk an kiss him on the cheek.

She stopped at the door when the husband asks her "do you think the two outlaws are working together?" she just shrub her shoulders and walked out of the building.

Tennessee got off his horse by a stream and pet its shoulder and he looked across the stream seen the same female outlaw that got him out of the cell. He was going to cross the stream but she was all ready getting on her horse. He just watches as the paint horse ran off with the outlaw on its back. "I wish I knew who the lady was. She saved my butt once and it will really be nice to say thanks."

Three hours pass, he was getting ready to saddle up when he noticed over the horizon a horse was running. As it got closer he seen it was the lady's horse with her on it back slunk over with her head on its neck. As the horse ran by him he grabbed the ranges and stopped the horse, the lady falling off the horse on to the ground.

He tides the horse by his and ran over to the lady noticing the blood running from her stomach. As he put parser onto the wound and banged her up when the bleeding to stopped. "Well it looks like I am going to stay here for the night."

As he put more wood on the fire to keep both of them warm, she started to come around until she pulled herself up and looked around seeing Tennessee sitting looking at the fire. "Tennessee?" she asks him not shear if he is awake.

Tennessee looked and smiled at her again and asks "how was the sleep?" his light brown eyes looked at her with the gentile look in them. As she looked in the eyes she was about to cry and that was what she did. Tennessee was confuse and sat next to her. "Tell me why you are crying?"

She looked up and wiped the tears away from her eyes. "Your eyes remind me of my old love before the law toke his life from me."

Tennessee wrapped his arms around her and holds her close to him. "There, there." He said as he struck her head with his gloved hand. "do you want to tell me your name," she looked up at him, "so I can stop calling you lady."

She pushes herself from his arms and put her hands on to her ankles "my name is Rose West. But I am know as the mask outlaw." She said looking away from Tennessee for him not to see the tears again.