Kid of the west ch.3

By Bloodspillwolf1

Tennessee just sighs putting the photograph down again. "If I wasn't careless that day he would be alive still." Putting his hand into his head with his elbow still on the desk.

Tom just put his hand onto Tennessee's shoulder. "Hay partner there is no mean of beating yourself up it was an accented." Trying to come down his friend. "Have you supper you will feel better. It is your favored Cowboy Dinner."

Tennessee looked at his friend and pick up the fork beside the plate.

"Thank you partner." Tennessee said as the last of the food want down "I do feel better, now I got to do some stuff before we go on another job." Standing up from the desk and waked to the door to open it up for tom.

Tom wakes out of the room and turn around. "All right Tennessee I will see you in the morning." He turns around and head to the stairs. Tom can here the door shut behind him.

Tennessee sat back down at his desk and opened up his family price gem The Thievius Raccoonus. It was in his family for years and his mother gives it to him. There is thieving knowledge in it from the first cooper Slytunkhamen Cooper the second to Tennessee's mother Henriette 'one eye' Cooper. He flipped to his page.

Enter log #3

It has been two months after me one of my partners has fallen.

It still hurts to know that it was my carelessness got the better of me and now I never forgive myself for it. Some of the big jobs we pull off were great but now it is a memory of my partner.

Come to think of it, it was really him who put the 'kid' in my name.

-Tennessee 'kid' Cooper

Tennessee wake up to one of the paintings that he stool with his partners. Lifting the painting of the wall and opening a vault behind it putting the Thievius Raccoonus into it and close it the vault and hang the painting back up. He stepped back out in to the hall and seen Tom standing agencies the wall. "What is up partner?" Tennessee asked as he walked up.

Tom just looked up "it is not the same without James here. I miss him." not turning his head to look at Tennessee, "it is lonely then you were in jail I was along and helpless."

Tennessee looked up at tom. "I will never leave you again." Tom turns his head to look at Tennessee. "Even if I was in the other end of the earth I will find away to beside you partner."

Tom looked away. "That is all I need to hear partner. Have a good night." Tom pushes himself off the wall and waked to the last room in the hall.

When Tennessee can't see his no more he walked to the room on the right side of the office and hung his hat on one of the bull horns than slipped of his gun holder off and put it on the chair. Rate as he was going to slip off his top shirt a sharp pain what through his left shoulder. He sat on the bed with his hand clamped on his shoulder. "Man, it still hurts even after this two months past. He had a good aim than."

The pain stopped but now Tennessee was so tired that he lay down with his shirt on and just dozes off.

"TENNESSEE? CAN YOU HEAR ME?" a voice came out of nowhere it was pitched black.

Tennessee opens his eye slowly and as his site got better he sow two racoons looking over him. "Where am I?" behind the two racoons he sow a haft metal owl in the sky. "Clockwerks? What is Clockwerks doing here?"

"Hun get our son out of here." The female racoon said with one blue eye showing. She was a strong pirate with a good crew.

Tennessee seen this racoon before it was Henriette 'One Eye' Cooper or in other words Tennessee's mother. "Mum, no safe yourself, mum."Tennessee ran to grab her arm rate as he was close she vanish in front of him along with everything else. The ship was replaced with desert the crew was replacing with rocks and catties, his father was gone to.

He sees his partners standing there. "Tom, James thank god you two are all right." He put his hands on their shoulder but they fell like sand. "What Tom James?" he looked up to see Clockwerks was coming at him and as the talents clashed on to Tennessee.