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It was a bright day on this wonderful Thursday morning in the beginning of January of the year 2018. Living in the beautiful city of Celeste in the wonderful country of Angevine was a very different experience. As I tilted my head I watched as the seventeen year old girl woke up for her morning to get ready for school. Standing next to her bedroom door I leaned over and took in a deep breath as she slowly crawled out of bed and headed toward me in order to get ready. Taking in a deep breath I remained still as she walked through my form as if I wasn't even there which according to her was true because I was but her guardian. I am just her Angel. I am the one that watched over and protected her. Nicoletta was her name and she was turning 18 in just three short months. She was incredibly brilliant and had been accepted into a local college early. In my mind she was the most perfect, incredible, brilliant, and possibly even the only girl I could ever look at. She was my everything as well as my world. But yet still my nothing. Often I found myself watching the beautiful silver grey haired girl sleep and then wake and go to school. Being an angel and her protector I wasn't allowed to fall in love with her. I watched her so intimately. It was against the rules. If we angels had any then this was the major one. The single law that could mean my life or my death because I love her.

Standing there I allowed her the privacy she deserved so she could get ready for school. She at least deserved that much after having to be watched her whole life. She deserved so much more than life had set before her. Being around her whole life, I've seen her go through so much that I understand her more than anyone. When her mother died I was there to help her through everything as well be her shoulder that she could cry on. Every day I watched her grow and take on life as if nothing was wrong. At a young age, I could tell that she would be a brilliant and beautiful girl. What I did not know then was just how beautiful she would be. Not long after she left the room the sound of her favorite song filled the room. Smiling I leaned against the door jam and waited for her to return. Nikki always loved to dance around to this song. I've watched her do it many times. She always seemed so happy when she danced to this song. All I ever wanted was for her to be happy but I only wish that she could be happy with me. Sadly it was against the rules and I could never make her happy the way I wished. As long as I was her angel we could never be. Since no angel has ever officially "fallen from grace" as the mortals used to call it before the Utopia. Which still causes us angels to laugh because it is such a funny phrase since no one would ever do it.

Gasping quickly as Nikki walked right through me wearing her normal attire which consisted of a grey dress that showed her lovely figure which was very small but still very healthy. Smiling I watched as she headed over to her vanity mirror and sat down in front of it and began to fix her hair into a very long and silver grey up do that always looked very lovely on her. I could never get enough of her loveliness; it always seems to take my breath away. I always feel bad doing this because the guilt always weighed my heart down because what happens if she found out that I was watching her and also that I loved her. Nikki was smiling so bright that it reminded me of the sun. Shaking my head I tilted it as she danced around the room grabbing her hair brush and beginning to sing into it like it was a microphone. She was giggling and having fun until…."NICOLETTA! You are going to be late for school if you don't get down here now." Turning back I saw her face drop and she put down her hair brush and quickly rushed around the room grabbing her book bag and her things and books. Then I watched as she ran out of the room and down the stairs. With that I faded and disappeared from her room.

Sitting upon the cloud I looked down as the young girl drove from school to school dropping off the kids she thought of as little siblings. Around me sat the guardians of those children, each one disappearing once one of the children got out of the car. We rarely spoke though we were around each other very often. Didn't mean we had to talk. Watching her I just wished I could be with her. She was always smiling and kissed each of their cheeks when she let them out of the car. They loved her like a big sister and I knew all of them would miss her when she left. Blinking I began to twirl a strand of my hair which I never usually use to do until Nikki was 16. Sighing I just wanted to hold her hand because I knew she had a hard night last night. She was a little stressed out because of school and then leaving. She would have to begin starting a life of her own which I would have to help her with. She had cried herself to sleep and I had wiped them away when she was fully asleep. I had placed her in her bed properly and covered her up with her blanket. She had been so sad and now she seemed to be feeling better. I couldn't help thinking that maybe it was all an act. I knew her better then anyone sometimes even herself but I wanted to believe she was feeling better.

Soon the last child was dropped off and so she headed to school herself and somehow she managed to be on time. Jumping off the cloud I landed next to her and smiled as she walked and I reached down and took her hand in mine as she walked but soon pulled it away because she had stopped and turned to see who had grabbed her hand. My eyes grew wide. Had she really felt my hand? Normally she never felt my touch but recently she seemed to be more aware of my presence. She looked around then shook her head and continued on to her locker. Standing there I watched her just as I always had. She was so beautiful. Even if I wasn't her Angel I knew I would still love to watch her. Having gone into a dreamlike state I finally looked up and noticed she was half way down the hall. Flying after her I finally caught up to her in front of her first class for the day.

It was mathematics with Miss Medina Starlets. Everyone called her Starlight because she often spoke of a time when she had wanted to be an actress. I had to admit. Even I enjoyed hearing her stories. She wasn't an old woman but yet she wasn't exactly a young woman. I guessed she was at least in her late 40s. Give or take a few years, of course. As she took her seat I joined the rest of the guardians upon a cloud that floated above the room. This was the routine for us all. We'd sit on a cloud and watch our mortal live their lives. I always hated doing this because it was rather boring. Before The Crossover I had been the Angel of Affections and praiser of the Head Angel. Although I still did the praising of the Head Angel just as all the other angels that had been my official title. We all had our official titles and none of us complained about our jobs because it's what we loved. When we found something we loved it became our jobs. I suppose like the mortals choose their jobs. It was something they enjoyed. Well…most of them at least. Some had jobs they didn't exactly like and if that happened the Angel just inspired them to find a job they enjoyed.

Soon I felt an elbow in my side and came back to reality and noticed that a whole new group of angels had come in and the class was over. Shaking my head quickly I quickly flew off to the next class which was homeroom but I hadn't realized how long I had been in my thoughts and realized once I got there that the class wasn't homeroom. It had to be second period and I quickly flew to her second period. Marcher Science by Mr Phillpe Castel. I never really understood the title of this course but Andria was really good in this class so I enjoyed watching her excitement when they had experiment day. Today, sadly, was not one of those days but she did enjoy the lesson. Soon it was time for third hour which was another one that Andria greatly enjoyed and it was one that I enjoyed quite a bit as well. Celestial History with Mrs Tatia Gittry. A new subject that only came out a few years ago. This teacher was the youngest of all of Nikki's teachers. She had married right out of high school and loved teaching and helping teenagers even though she wasn't much older then one. Mrs Gittry came the year the Celestial History subject came to school. I didn't mind the woman. She was so sweet and kind. Everyone loved her class. I enjoyed listening to what she had to say about the celestial history.

Sitting there I listened as the students learned about their first war against the evil beings. I didn't remember this. I was created much later. After a time that the Head Angel nor the older angels from that time didn't talk about and hadn't told any of us younger angels about it. They just always mentioned to us that we were not allowed to mix with humans at all. We were their guardians. We were just allowed to watch them. Now that I thought about it….It was the only part of our history that we didn't know. We knew the rest of our history but that period just before we were created we didn't know about. I had always been curious to what had happened but no one would tell us no matter who we asked. Going into my mind once more I began wondering why we were created after that period. Squinting my eyes a moment I began running over the history I knew and there was still a blank over my memory. I was right. No one had told us or anything.

Jumping when the lunch bell rang I looked around and noticed the other angels following their mortals to lunch. Looking around quickly I found Nikki with her nose in a book as always which caused me to grin. She never noticed how guys looked at her. She was so beautiful but she didn't seem to notice. She sighed which made me realize that she was at a good part in the book. I knew her so well I even knew when she was at a climax of a book. Where the hero and the heroine realized they loved each other. Looking at the ground I closed my eyes and allowed my abilities to go into her mind to listen to her thoughts as she read the book. I hated doing it but I wanted to know what she was reading and how she was enjoying it. I didn't do it often. Only to see what she was reading or dreaming mostly. Seeing the picture dance across her head I opened my eyes and watched as she sat down with her small lunch and began eating. She still had her nose in the book. That was my Nikki. Always reading. Never noticing the people around her until they spoke to her or knocked her out of her concentration for the book she read.

Standing there I watched as she sipped her drink and ate her food. It wasn't much but it always seemed to sustain her. Soon I felt the presence of another Angel and turned my head to see one standing next to me. When I looked up toward Nikki again I noticed a boy standing next to her. Soon he was tapping her on the shoulder which broke her concentration and caused her to look up quickly. "Sorry to disturb you Nikki but….I was wondering if you would….go out with me Saturday night?"he asked and I could feel the heat rising in my form. I was jealous. I would admit it. Well…not to anyone else but to myself yes I would in fact admit that. I watched as shock appeared on her face and she just looked at him, staring. The boy just stood there and I could tell he was becoming agitated and impatient that she wasn't answering him. Soon though I watched her mouth open and then close forming a faint smile. "Matt…I…I don't know what to say. I wish I could. I have a project I have to take care of this weekend. I wish I could go out with you but I'm busy. I'm so sorry."she said softly looking up at him with soft apologetic eyes. I knew what she had to do this weekend. It was what she did every third Saturday of the month. It was more important to her then anything else in her life.

Watching the boy named Matt, I noticed disappointment fill his eyes but he refused to let it show on his face. He wasn't very good at hiding that disappointment because by the look on Nikki's face she could see it easily. Sighing out of relief the boy nodded without a word then turned and walked off. The angel followed suit. Shaking my head I knew that she couldn't turn down dates forever. She was a beautiful girl and eventually she was going to say yes to a guy and I knew I'd lose her forever even though I'd still watch over her I knew I'd never win her heart. Although she couldn't see me I had hoped to get her to fall in love with me some way some how. I was determined to win Nicoletta's heart at any cost. Glancing around I watched as she placed the bookmark in her book and headed back to her class after tossing her finished lunch in the trash. Walking next to her I noticed she was looking at the ground and I could feel in the pit of my stomach that she was sad. She hated hurting people and causing them to be upset and disappointed. I knew that she had felt like she had always been like that to everyone which was why she had never liked causing problems or hurting feelings or causing sadness. Knowing her if she didn't have plans she would have said yes just to make him happy even though she wasn't interested in Matt.

Reaching the classroom I decided to stay next to her desk as the class waited for the bell to ring which signaled fourth period. Blinking I watched as she covered her face with her hands and sighed long and deep. She sat there like that for what seemed to be the longest time. Being worried about her I reached over and touched her shoulder lightly but when I laid my entire hand on her shoulder she turned quickly and looked at the shoulder I had touched which caused me to pull my hand back to watch her reaction. Had she really felt my hand again? This was getting stranger and stranger. I wasn't sure if she could feel my hand or not but I decided to not touch her again despite wanting to and hoping this time she'd return the hold and hold my hand back. I wanted her to know it was me holding her hand. She would never know though. I had to accept that. As the bell rang she gathered her bag and her things and quickly headed off to her writing lessons with Madam Carlen Sinister. This was a class that was more of an elective for her but still yet a main course at the same time. As she grabbed her notebook from her shelf she walked over and sat down in her seat. It was a small class. Not many took this subject. I knew if I were human I would take it. It seemed like a fun class.

Sometimes we angels liked to sit in the seats with our mortals which is what I had decided to do so I picked the seat directly next to her which gave me a great view of her note book which had some doodles of angel wings on it. Tilting my head I realized that this was one of those absent minded drawings but she had drawn them perfect and to a T as if she had seen them before. My eyes grew a little as I wondered if she had seen them once before. Maybe it was from her childhood and she remembered what my wings looked like. It was typical that when a mortal was young their angel would go to them as an 'imaginary friend' sometimes with their wings; sometimes not. I had gone with my wings more often then not. She had always loved touching them and playing with them. She had once told me that she wished she had wings then she'd be able to fly away from the orphanage and maybe find a new home with a new mommy and a new daddy and that I could live with her and she'd be happy. Smiling at the memory I remembered how she had been trying to fight sleep and I had wrapped not only myself but my wings around her and held her close until she fell asleep and then I disappeared again. Being with her in moments like that were my favorite. The times when I was allowed to let her see me.

Smiling at the memory I just sat there as her class went on. Soon she was doodling and it just made me smile even bigger. She was doodling more wings. Watching her I continued to be curious and just watched her and waited. Why was she drawing angel wings? More over. My wings? Surely she had forgotten what they looked like by now but here she was drawing them. Eyeing the sheet of paper we both jumped when the bell rang. Today was an off day for me. I was never this out of it before. I needed to get out tonight. Lately I had been focused solely on keeping Nikki focused that I hadn't had a chance to talk to my follow angels or enjoy their company. Just because I am an angel doesn't mean we don't have fun. Of course our fun seemed to focus on random dream jumping. Never knowing whose dream we'll be jumping into next. My fellow angels and I had strange interests but it kept us entertained. Anyways, I looked up as Nikki was scrambling to make it to her locker. Everyday after school was the same routine for her. She'd go to the library, return her library book, go talk to a teach about homework, then she'd sometimes take a classmate home if needed then she'd head over to pick up the other children that lived in the orphanage from school, then she'd head home. Sometimes she'd pick up something for them to eat. Sometimes not. It depended on the day and it was Thursday today which meant she was going to grab ice cream for each of the little ones.

As she got up and reached her locker not long after she quickly packed her book bag and headed directly toward the car. Watching her I became confused but followed her wondering what she was doing. Today wasn't really anything special. Or so I thought. But what I had learned over the years is that every day was special to Nikki. There just had to be something happening on this day that I hadn't known about or remembered. Flying behind her she reached her car and finally got in before backing out and being careful as she drove away from the school. Sitting on a cloud that I caused to follow her I noticed she was heading away from the direction that headed toward the schools. Instead she was headed down an old road that she had gone down a few times. But I couldn't recall where this road led. But she continued on. What was on this road that would lead her away from her routine? I had seen she often go this way and by the look on her face I had left her alone. They deserved more privacy then what we were suppose to give them.

I gave her all the privacy she deserved but still having the chance to watch over her. I loved her. No one could love her as much as I did. But I couldn't remember why this road was so important to her so I decided to stay with her this time. As she drove I looked up noticing a stand that appeared to be selling flowers. Tilting my head I watched as she pulled over and with her beautiful and infectious smile she got out of her car, picked out a lovely bouquet before paying for it and returning to her car where she continued driving down the road. Watching still my curiosity grew bigger and bigger. Where was she going? Finally she reached a field and parked the car. Getting out she walked until she found a path that traveled deep up into the field. Floating down behind her I followed close behind and watched her twirl and dance in the sun. Her smile was infectious and it made me smile watching her. Her skirt twirled as she spun in a circle walking up the hill where a large tree resided . It had an old swing hanging from it but it was obvious that this swing was very sturdy. I heard her sigh as she walked a ways away from the tree and stopped. Standing there I waited to see what she would do next and I watched as she smiled and fell to her knees in front of a large rock that not until I got closer did I realize was a grave stone.

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