Gasping lightly I stood over Nikki and the grave and watched her rip the weeds away with her bare hands. Finishing she dusted it off and I saw her smile fall from happy to sad. She was still smiling but I could see it was a sad smile and that she would possibly start crying at any moment. But I knew for a fact that this was not her mother's grave. So whose grave was it? "Rosemary, my dearest friend. I am truly sorry I haven't been by in awhile to see you. School has been crazy and the orphanage is helping prepare me for the world out there. Oh Rosemary I'm so scared. I don't know if I'm ready to be out in that big world called life and future. I am truly scared of what will happen to me." I heard her say and that's when the name hit me.

I recalled a memory from her childhood. She was around seven years of age. We were playing a game with another child and her female angel. I recalled how they had a ball and it rolled out in the street. The small child that was only a bit younger then Nikki herself wasn't paying attention and ran out into the road after it and I grabbed Nikki quickly and held her close and covering her eyes because it was too late. The car had come out of no where and hit the small child. She died in her angel's arms. Never had I seen a child die like that and from then on I vowed to protect Nikki with every fiber of my being. I didn't want to lose her like Rosemary but I was the only one that was there to help her through the pain. She didn't understand that she was truly gone until two years later but I never left her side after that. Looking down at Nikki I remembered how she fought for her friend to be buried some place beautiful. Some place she could forever play.

Even though she didn't really understand she asked for her friend to be buried here. On this hill. Not far from that tree where she could swing from the swing forever. I had forgotten that Nikki came here every month and especially on the day of her death which was in fact today of all days. It was the eleventh of January. The day the little girl died. How could I have forgotten such an important event in both of our lives. It was the day I lost my best friend as well. Her angel and I had been together since we had been created. She was like my sister having been created just minutes, or rather seconds depending on how you looked at it, after me. When she lost her mortal she lost the chance to stay with me and Nikki. She had to be sent to another mortal after having taken Rosemary to The Garden.

I, myself, had only been there once and in fact I was the first angel to bring someone in. I had been the one to take Nikki's mother over. They figured it was for the best since her daughter was my mortal. So I took her over. She had begged me to watch over and protect her daughter at all costs. No matter what. That was the last time I had been to the Garden and I had no way of knowing how many times my friend had been there. Some angels were unlucky in the fact that they had to cross many over all the time. Older or just babies that don't have a chance of living. It was rather sad. I looked up because she was speaking once more.

"I can't believe it's been eleven years, Rosemary. I miss you so much. You know….I requested for there to be an empty chair at graduation for you. The nuns at the orphanage said they are allowing me to accept your diploma on your behalf. I wish you could be there. I remember we had dreams. We were going to marry twins. Move in together, see the world, have our children be best friends or cousins. We were going to be best friends forever." I listened to her say. She sounded so sad. Reaching over I laid my hand on her shoulder and squeezed barely hoping to make her feel better even though she couldn't feel me. Gasping lightly I was surprised to see her turn her head toward my hand as if she felt it. As she blinked, I stood frozen, confused and curious. Could she really see me? With that question I released her shoulder and watched her curiously.

She let out a deep breath and I relaxed because she turned back toward the grave. "Rosemary….I had that dream again last night….The one about the angel. He seems so familiar but I can't figure out who he is. I draw his wings all the time. I wish he was real. He is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. A name came from my lips this time. It was Verchiel. Do you think that's his name? The angel? Maybe….I don't know what these dreams are trying to tell me but I wish this angel was real. He's so beautiful and perfect. I love him…."she whispered softly into the winds. I stood frozen as blush rose into my cheeks. She was talking about me? She dreamt about me? I thought she couldn't remember me. Wait…did she say love? She loves me? Oh thank goodness. I felt my smile grow as I notice blush rise in her cheeks.

"It's foolish I know. It's just a dream. Not like it's real. Anyways, I should get going. I have to pick up the little ones from school. I miss you Rosemary. Don't forget to play a game for me. Bonne nuit, mon aimé."she said and as she spoke the last words in French which I understood to mean 'Goodnight, My Beloved' I watched as a tear rolled down her cheek and she pressed her hand to her lips and then to the grave stone before sitting the flowers down and standing up. Standing there I walked over and smiled down at the stone. "You still are her best friend." I whispered into the winds as I turned and followed her. The trip back she was making herself smile and trying to keep herself in high spirits so the children didn't wonder what was wrong with her. I enjoyed seeing how she didn't like causing anyone else worry. She believed it was her job to worry about everyone else.

Soon she was at the schools and the other angels joined me on my cloud. As always we sat in silence as we headed back to the orphanage. I kept the events at the grave site secret because no one else needed to know about how vulnerable Nikki really was. It made me want to cry to have watched her be so vulnerable because it was foreign to me. I didn't want her to cry. I never liked seeing her cry. It killed me every time. More and more children were in her car now and soon they were all singing a song that I had sung with Nikki when she was a little girl and could still see me. It made me smile at the thought she remembered it and passed it on to the other little ones. From what she had said on the hill she obviously remembered me and she had even said she wished I was real. Well I was real, I just had to figure out how to make her see that. After reaching the orphanage the children ran inside and started their homework as Nikki had asked and I just walked beside her happy and proud of her. She was so brilliant and lovely and she always made people happy. But what those people didn't know is that she was happy most of the time though she still had those moments when she was quite vulnerable. I had never noticed how vulnerable until today. I always seemed to learn something new about her that I didn't know before.

Walking into her room she sat on her bed and took in a deep breath before looking across the room to her desk which had the only picture she had left of her friend Rosemary. It was of their first day at school. The nuns had taken it. Covering her face a moment she took in a breath and then got up to do her homework and then go to supper. I just stood there in her room staring at the picture of them both. I remembered that day. In fact both me and Rosemary's angel were in the picture. Obviously Nikki couldn't see us but I did and it made me smile because I hadn't seen my friend in so long. I honestly missed her. Looking up I turned to see that it was dark and Nikki was returning from tucking in the little ones. It was a nightly routine.

Giving her the privacy she deserved I left the room to sit on the cloud above the orphanage to allow her to get ready for bed. Sitting there I look out over the fields and wondered where my dear friend was. It had been so long that I was sure she would have made a new friend and forgotten about me. Well not forgotten because we angels had perfect memories. We remembered everything. Breathing in I finally returned to the room to see Nikki sitting on her bed staring blankly at the locket in her hand. She had found it long ago because I had guided her to it. I had gotten it for her birthday many years ago and just set it perfectly where she'd stumble across it. She loved it and never took it off. But right now she was just staring at it. "Oh Rosemary….I miss you so much…."she said softly holding it to herself. Until now I hadn't noticed but she was crying. Standing there I was surprised but I just watched her knowing there was nothing I could do to help her or cheer her up.

Laying down she continued to sob as she clung to the locket. I had only seen her like this one other period of time and that was after Rosemary had died. Being heartbroken at the sight I watched as Nikki cried herself to sleep. I hated the feeling it gave me to watch her cry. It tore at my insides and I reached up and clutched my tunic. I hated the feeling I received in watching the girl I loved crying herself to sleep. As soon as she finally slipped off to sleep I leaned over and brushed the hair out of her face and dried her tears. Sighing lightly I shook my head. "How can I make you feel better my beloved?" I whispered into the night.

Grinning I realized what I should do and rested my hand atop hers and slipped into her dream. I didn't do it often but when I did I always made her smile. Breathing in I smelled her natural perfume all around me. Closing my eyes I turned trying to find the beautiful girl. Opening them I smiled as I found her. She was gorgeous and it seemed she was dreaming she was an angel but not the real kind. The stereotypical one. The kind the mortals believed we looked like. With the halo and the brilliant white wings that looked nothing like our real ones. Standing there I watched as she danced and twirled with her partner and smiled lightly as she giggled. Even in her dreams she was amazing. Soon she turned and faced my direction and I noticed that surprise and happiness filled her entire being. Before I knew it she was flying toward me at a speed no one, not even I, could match.

"You came. I was hoping you would come."she said softly as I stood there. Chuckling at the comment I shrugged and looked around. "Well I wouldn't miss this for the world. Shall we?"I asked holding out my arm to her. She nodded as she took my arm and I escorted her to the dance floor. I had misinterpreted the dream at first. She was dreaming she was at a masked ball because as soon as I took her in my arms to begin dancing with her, a mask appeared on both her face as well as my own. I wasn't complaining. I wished I could dance with her like this. It would be perfect and such a dream for me to dance with her like this. Or at all in the waking world. Spinning her and twirling her the night progressed wonderfully and it seemed we weren't going to stop dancing for anything. Finally I could feel the night coming to an end so I whisked her away to a secret place and smiled down at her.

She smiled up at me as she stood there in my arms. She was enjoying every moment. "I wish you were real. I wish this was real. I don't want to wake up."she whispered into my tunic. Brushing her hair behind her ear I nodded agreeing with her. Leaning to her ear I whispered, "My dearest and beloved, Nicoletta, I wish I could be with you while you wake. Maybe one day. Maybe one day soon." Sighing I knew I had to figure out a way to be with her. But I could stay in this dream forever if it meant being able to be with her. "I love you my dearest. Till next time, my love."I whispered before leaning in to kiss her forehead and with that she woke up which jolted me out of her mind. Looking down at her I sighed because that was the best dream ever. But seconds before she completely woke I noticed a smile on her lips. "Oh Verchiel….why can't you be real…."she said softly getting up and placing her locket around her neck. Because of this dream I was bound and determined to find a way to be with her for real. Not a dream. To really hold her and kiss her and be with her. It was a dream the both of us shared and I knew I had to find a way to be by her side in the waking world. This had gone on for two weeks roughly. Well I had done it before but she never remembered. Lately I have been in many of her dreams and obviously she remembered. I loved her and so I had every right to be in her dreams. It proved to me that we could work. But I still had to figure out how to be real. Sitting there in the chair I began wondering how I could become a reality.

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