The darkness runs through all open space, spreading until it envelopes everything. Soon the darkness wraps its entire being around you, forcing you to deal with its power. As you try to struggle, more feelings wash over you. Anger, despair,anxiety, fear. It all manages to be brought forth by the darkness.

There seems to be no way out. You try to cry, scream, even mutter for help, but nothing escapes from your mouth. Dread soon takes over. You realize this may be your final moment, so you cling to any thought of even the tiniest bit of happiness. Nothing happens.

You start to feel suffocated. The darkness has a grip like nothing you've ever felt before. The best idea would be to give up and let the darkness take hold. But your will doesn't hold back. One thing remains. One piece of you that makes you realize that the darkness can't fully take you. Why? As you ponder this a pinpoint of light begins to peek through. The longer you stare at it, you notice you aren't being held anymore. You move towards the light, little by little, step by step. Every inch you take the darkness tries to grab you, but as you get closer to the light, its grip can't hold on for long and lets go.

You hear a faint sound emanating from the light, a sound that is very familiar. It beckons you to step further into the light, telling you that you'll be safe. The light gets warmer, as does the sound, now a voice. A voice all too familiar. It's the one voice you could never forget. One that you've cherished for a long time, one you are always happy to hear. The light is no longer a small pin, but now a hole the size of a small child.

The darkness is no longer a threat to you. The light is over powering, keeping it at bay. You finally reach it, and the hole is now your size. You place your hand inside and feel a slight, gentle tug. The voice says 'come on, you can do it!" You feel your body push through. Deeper And deeper you go, until you are completely swallowed by the light.

It's too bright. You went from one extreme to another. Then a hand is Placed on your forehead. It strokes your hair gently. Another hand is placed over your eyes so you can see better. After a moment of cover, Your eyes finally adjusted.

Once uncovered, you see the one person you've longed to see. A smile is on their face as tears stream from their eyes. "What happened?" You ask. They shake their head. "Everyone is gone. We are the only ones left. I thought I had lost you." You try to move, but you realize you can't. You're pinned by something. "Are we okay?" You stutter. "We weren't. But now we are. Because we're here now like we should be. I promise to not leave your side." You nod. "That's good. Please, don't. I don't want the darkness to come back."

You both sit in silence. Time passes by, but you're not aware by how much or how fast. You just know that you are glad to be beside the one you love. Love brought you back, it allowed you to be free from a terrible grip. And now, love is keeping you here, in this limbo of sorts. It doesn't matter where you are, just as long as you're with them. With that you know there is no leaving. You both were drawn together for a reason. The reason, is that even in death, your love will always find you, no matter how long you have to wait for them to show up. And no One wants anything more than to be loved by the one you love the most.