From a Seed to the Fruit

Seed 1: Potential

Death paves the way for new life. Forgetfulness makes room for new memories. The tides of time flow past in an infinite river towards infinity. There is no end to this loop, until something destroys the world in its entirety. But even then, how do we know if other worlds exist beyond our reach or not?

Perhaps it is impossible to kill potential. It is not a single life, wherein one could kill it with a sword or a gun. It is not a vessel, whether of the air, the sea or the land, that can be blasted down with cannon fire. It is not a country one can fire nuclear weapons on and destroy. It is not a star or a planet that can be sucked into a black hole somewhere in the universe and cease to exist. Rather, it's – it's indescribable.

In a sense, it's God-like. More than a sense, for the one who created everything is probably the only one aware of the potential that resides within it. And attempting to kill the unknown is no easy feat. In this case, it may very well be impossible, for how does one lock it into a defined space?

Somehow, striving to realise one's true potential is far easier. While death exists as part of the cycle of life, it is the instinct of all life on earth to remain alive and reproduce. And to do that, one needs to grow.

And if you try to dig out a weed, they throttle your perfect little garden plants.