Rising high above the throne

Of solitary loners

With the princely rewards of its richness

In its wildest dreams


Riches beyond repair

Stronghold of a nation

At the very palm of one's hands

Screaming out to the world

Of your desire to be there


Yet in its falsity one lies

Learning fast and quick

To abandon its dearest ethics

For the sake of control


Fear of its loss

The death of your life's goal

The very soul of your existence shattered, in drear of being forgotten

Yet another name wiped out by historical shores of sand


Want to be the ruler

Its euphoric high

Yet its prices not felt

Its intensity, the madness of it all


Unwanted children of million

To whom one must duty and love partake

With that begrudging heart, veiled by a smokescreen of love

Beneath the contemptuous interior


The many this world has

Shuddering in its gloom

Has their hopeful eye on its saviour

Calling, screaming, yelling its name


Come on out, they call

But there its stays stead fast still

For how in any possible way

Would they ever show their true soul?


The dread, the work of it all

As a parent to a whole planet

Fright, greed cowering down the lost soul

Lost in its madness of intensities


One day, the world will show out what is the real want

And at last when they do

It will be the end, yet a new beginning rises forth

In a solitary, distant wake.