Two Faces:

You see this is not who I am.
No this isn't me at all.
I come off as strong and flamboyant.
A girl to speak her mind and is far too loud.
But that's not me at all.
That's a far cry from the truth.
What I am though is shy.
I'm extremely quiet inside
And I lack a sense of humour.
I am a little bit dead Personality wise.
But to you I am full of it.
To you, and everyone else
I have a strong sense of humour
And a funny mind.
The role I play in life isn't serious.
The role I play is merely for fun.
You think this, not I.
I don't think you realize
That I take everything a bit seriously.
Maybe a bit too much, actually.
What do I think, you ask?
I think you couldn't know me even if you tried.
I'm far too different on the inside.
I'm far too shy, far too quiet.
I'm a silent mind with many idea
Many points and views
That will never, ever be shared with you.
I'm far too much like you.
And it's always been like this.
I've actually shared a little bit with you.
About my personal views.
But I don't think you know that
That barely scratches the surface.
You see, I care about you.
I honestly do, but one this you must know
Is I want to share all this with you.
But how could I?
What would you think?
Would you think I'm built of multiple lies?

You know it's really funny
That's exactly what I am.
I'm built of tiny white lies
That define my personality.
Of course I'd never verbally lie.
But the little quirks I have
The loud way I laugh too loud
Or go out of my way
Just to make a fool of myself:
That's all a lie.
Because like I already said.
I'm much like you.
I guess in a few eyes
I'd be rather…
…two faced.