We share blood

You and I

More alike than

We will ever admit.

However, I have been

Where you have been

And I have suffered

So you won't have to

We may have fought

What family doesn't?

But that was to

Maybe toughen you

The world is cold

And I want to be your jacket

I didn't have one myself

That could help me for this season.

As much as it hurts,

There will be your own challenges

That I can't defend you on

But I will help you fight them

It's the least I can do

Learn from my mistakes

They won't be so bad

If you do

Then I would be a teacher than a failure

Any obstacle you may face

I want to obliterate

You don't deserve it

You deserve better than me.

I would die to give

You the world

The world that you are just

Too good for

I'm the scum but you

You are the shining star

Shine on

Shine your light for us all

Sibling rivalry it was

Now we are grown

I'll give you the lift

I wanted to when we were kids

It's not so bad being the little sibling.