Post Apocalyptica
Episode 1: The Waking Man

Chapter 1: Bite the Bullet

August 12th, 2068, Alaska, Near Anchorage

Victor Mercy's shaking hand flipped the cigarette lighter open and lit up his cigarette, then stretched out his hand to light Remy Welsh's cigarette, his best friend. The War in Alaska had taken a turn for the worst, the Russians had brought in whole battalions of reinforcements from oversees, more tanks, more men, and more artillery guns. The Russians had so far killed more of their own men in the constant bombardments, but more of them just kept coming.

The snow hadn't helped the Americans either. Everyday they were knee deep in snow, making them open targets for Russian troops and artillery shell. The officials back in Washington had turned back to an old tactic from the First World War, using trench lines for the troops to fire from, then charge at a retreating enemy. And at the moment, Victor and Remy were at the front lines, between them lay no man's land, covered in mines, dead bodies and non exploded artillery shells.

"So how's you and Dan?" Remy asked his friend and superior, his breath visible in the -20C temperature. Daniel was Victor's eighteen year old son, who was at university back in Washington. "Honestly Remy I don't know. We had another fight before I was shipped back here"
"Oh man that's tough, what was it about?" Remy asked as he smoked his cigarette.
"He thinks I don't care about him, that I care more about the military than I do. Last thing he said to me before I left, "sometimes it's like you don't give a damn about me." Victor shook his head and blew smoke from his mouth.

"Jesus, does that kid not know there's a war on?" Remy said with a hint of disbelief.

At that moment a radio set next to them crackled, "…I repeat, bombardment heading your way, another charge is expected."

Victor heard it them, the whistle of artillery shells getting closer, "Everyone down!" he commanded, everyone in the trench crouched or threw themselves to the floor as quickly as they could as shells exploded just behind the trench. Yells were heard, the Russians had begun another charge. "Everyone up!" Victor commanded, he grabbed his 44 magnum from its holster and Remy grabbed a nearby machine gun. "Open fire!"

Gunfire erupted from the trench at the charging Russians; blood sprayed everywhere, turning the snow red within and instant. A bullet fired from a Russian weapon, the bullet hit Victor in the shoulder and he fell to the hard trench floor. "Vic!" Remy screamed, he kept firing his weapon until the last Russian fell to the floor. "Vic!"

"I'm alright!" Remy breathed a sign or relief as he pulled his friend to his feet. "That was close! Don't you ever do that again, you scared the shit out of me!" Remy hugged his friend, and Victor winced in pain.

"Can you believe that? He shot me!" Victor looked at his shoulder; the bullet had left a small dent in his armour. "Remy, you do not tell Daniel about this, Understa…"

Victor never finished his sentence; a Sniper from the Russian trench had shot Victor. The bullet had missed Remy by an inch and instead hit Victor in his right lung, the bullet exploded out of his back; Remy's face was suddenly covered in Victor's blood.

"No…VIC!" Remy dropped to his knees, "MEDIC!" Remy looked up in desperation at a nearby Private, "PRIVATE! YOU GET A MEDIC AND YOU DO IT NOW!" Remy looked down at Victor, he was breathing heavily with his one working lung, gasping for precious air. "Come on man, stay with me, stay with me Vic!"

Victor's vision blurred, he was barely able to make out Remy's facial features, he felt himself being lifted onto a stretcher, his whole life flashing before his eyes, he remembered his son Daniel, his best friend Remy, then as if God didn't want him, Victor felt the intense zap of the defibrillator on his chest, and himself being pulled back into existence.