(You're) Enough

Written By:

You're enough as you are, just as you come

It doesn't matter where you've been

Or where you're from

Because it's just enough to get you anywhere in this big wide world

Anywhere your heart would like to go

You yourself will see it through

You've just enough and then much more

You're enough to get to the rainbow and back

Enough to see what's over the top

To touch the sun and live to tell the tale

You're enough to scream at the top of your lungs

And come back down for air with remorse enough to wipe the slate clean

You're enough just the way you are

The world might scream conform

And society might dictate change

But you're enough to just ignore them and go with your heart

To tell them all to just fuck off

To lick the moon and kiss a moose

To do whatever you damn well want to.

Darling you're just enough for me

Just enough to prove yourself

And so much more

You're just enough

And so much more.