This is a short paragraph surrounding my thoughts concerning the difference between conviction and opinion.

Conviction Versus Opinion

(In Christian Perspective)

Conviction and opinion may seem the same, but the deeper definition shows their difference. An opinion is an individual's personal belief regarding a specific idea or subject. Typically, an opinion is inspired by personal experience and private speculation, not derived from scientific research. Accordingly, it is credible that since everyone's personality and involvements vary, so does each one's preference and opinion; and since the human mind is an imperfect device, its judgments generally appear faulty when compared to the impeccable truth instituted by our orderly Creator. More than an inclination of the defective and ever-changing mind, conviction is something to be taken very seriously, for it involves the inward battle betwixt the spirit of a Christian and the temptations of the flesh. Conviction is, in fact, a version of God's still, small voice, quietly persuading the tempted Christian to persist against the sinful desire enticing his fleshly lusts. Although, in casual conversing opinion is sometimes equated to conviction, a deeper definition of both reveals their very different meanings.

(-Written by RWAC, a 10th-grader)