Everybody thinks that vampires are all evil and are some sort of demon or something. I'm not trying to be a know-it-all, but not all vampires are like that. How do I know this, you ask? Simple I'm a vampire. Yeah, yeah, I know you're thinking something like, 'She's going to be in a school, fall in love with some boy, and bam! Happy ever after!' Well, my story is a bit more interesting then that boring kind of junk…

The bell rang, calling for 3rd period; I walked back into the classroom, gathered my things, and walked out the door. Next up is P.E., I wonder what we're doing in there? I scurried to my locker to drop off my books and grab my gym bag. Everyone else in the hall is yapping loudly to their buddies in the background.

This is my first day at this school, by the way. I just moved here with my older sister. There were… reasons as to why we moved. But, anyway, the school I'm at right now it called Archbold High School. You can only guess where it's located, Archbold, Ohio! (Yeah, that's called sarcasm.) I was introduced first period, which is quite rare, and trust me, I've transferred a lot in my time, I know what I'm talking about.

It was just like any other introduction, beside the fact that when I announced my name, I didn't get any 'Hello!'s or 'Hi!'s. What I got was a bunch of crappy insults! Well, I mean, I wouldn't have heard them without my Sharp hearing, but still, it pissed me off! Who calls someone anorexic when they first meet them!? I'm sorry for being fit you shitty crap! Oh, I forgot to tell you, 'Sharp hearing', is the like the vampire code word for our super sensitive ears. That's actually where the saying, ' You've got sharp ears ' came from. Cool, right?

Well, after the 'warm' welcome, no one really talked to me. But there was this one girl. She was unbelievably pretty, like she should be modeling or something. She kept looking in my direction, I didn't look back, but I could sense her just looking at me. It was kind of disturbing, you know what I mean? Like a stalker, watching my every move. She even got in trouble for it; while the teacher was talking she was still staring at me, hehe, then the teacher dropped a really big book on her desk. It scared the crap out of her! She could have raced the cow over the moon! No one else seemed to think it was funny, but I couldn't stop laughing! She looked like a rocket blasting off! In the end I was sent in the hall for the rest of the period. She didn't look mad at me or anything, so I disregarded the matter.

I didn't see her 2nd period, which was a bummer. English wasn't half as fun as science was. Although, I did keep the memory of her jumping out of her seat replaying for just about the whole period. It just never got old! I almost started tearing up again in the middle of class. Of course I somehow got into trouble again; I don't even know how this even happened. I was sitting in class one second and in the hall the next. Seems the hallway was my new classroom. But, really though, what did I do? Maybe it was because I wasn't paying any attention? I should have scooped in on the class, but, eh, who wants to listen to a teacher preach about grammar? I don't! I took a nap while pretending to read a book with my hood up. The bell rang and here I am.

Quite the eventful morning, I know. I just can't wait for P.E. though! I rock at sports, probably the thing I'm best at. I am a very competitive person, by the way, so even with my supernatural abilities; I won't make myself seem like a sucky athlete. I won't use my full strength of course, but I will use enough to make myself seem formidable.

I continue my way to the gym, and that same girl from Science class is there, her back pressed against the wall with a large bulky gym bag hanging over her shoulder. She looks up from her cell to stare at me again. It's like science all over again. Her light brown eyes, almost yellow, gave me a look of disgust. Does she hate me? Why would she? Oh, yeah, I was cry laughing at her in science… well then, that explains the loving stare she's giving me (sarcasm strikes again!)

I walk past her without looking at her and follow the few straggling girls to the changing room. She puts her phone away and follows my move. She follows me as far as the same row of lockers and starts to change, I do as well. We both avoid eye contact and only speak when were spoken to by the other girls around us. She and I are the only ones left in the changing room. I thought it was kind of awkward to be truthful.

I pull up my shorts as she slips her white T shirt over her bra, we are both ready to go out, but she hesitates. I stop mid-step, and ask her, "Is there something wrong?"

She glances away before looking me in the eye and says, "You're a vampire, aren't you."