Authors note: Italicized words are her thoughts, but if it is only one word, it is just to make it stand out more. There is a reason for the locker scene, so please keep reading: this is rated 'teen' for a reason. Please review and have fun reading! :D

Aww damn! Caught on the first day! I've lost my touch. I look at her like she's crazy, this should work. "What do you mean?" I ask slyly, taking a step towards her.

She reflected my face back to me, "You should know what you are, shouldn't you?" She took a half step back. "You smell just like a walking grave for God's sake." She tilts her head to the side as if to shield her nose from a bad smell.

That was harsh. I look at her slightly hurt, only half acting this time. "That was a little mean." I shy away a little. "But, what do you mean I smell like a 'walking grave'?" I look her in her glowing yellow eyes. I personally thought that I smelt like roses, but- wait… 'glowing'? Ohhh fudge nuts no. This is not good.

I slowly started to back away from her. I think she's sorry for offending me, because she glanced at the floor again. While she glanced away for that split second, I ran for dear life for the door. She won't try to kill me in front of a group of humans, right!?

OWWWIEEEE! That was an epic fail… I was pinned by her against the brick wall, her eyes now like orbs of a bright fire staring me into submission. I was almost… there. My eyes wondered over to the exit, only a few feet away. "What do you…*huff*…want…" I gasped for another breath of air. "…from me…" I was being held a foot off the floor by my neck now.

She growled a dog' growl and let me drop to the floor. I gulped the air down. "I'm…" she put a hand on her head as if she had a massive migraine. "…sorry." She wavered a little before half falling half sitting, on the bench in between the two rows of lockers closet to the exit. Her eyes' dancing flames dying down to sparkling coals. After a moment she stood up and removed her hand from her head.

I was still sprawled out on the floor catching my breath. "What do you mean sorr-" I was cut off by her mouth making contact with mine. What…? I felt a great attraction to her for some reason, and my eyes closed and accepted her kiss… Why? Isn't she a werewolf? I felt my hands make their way around her waist, pulling her closer to me. Stop…! What's happening to me!? Werewolf's don't have an ability like this do they!? I felt my energy being sapped away. I was in danger, yet I couldn't make my body do as I willed it to. I managed to crack my eyes open just a bit, and I looked at her eyes. Her eyes! They were glowing a sky blue! What does that mean?! I couldn't… I… didn't want to…. Fight… the lust anymore, my eyes closed, and I continued to make out with this scary she-creep.

Her hand intertwined with one of my own and pushed it to the ground and off her waist. Her other hand caressing my face as she sucked it dry of my spit and apparently my energy as well. My body wanted more while my head was thankful as she finally pulled away from me. Her eyes where back to their normal color, the bright brown-yellow. She saw me under her, panting and drooling from what she did and hurriedly got up. She looked as if she was about to cry, or was disappointed in herself. What's she going to do to me? I can't move… I feel like I'm high or something…

Time for a nap… I felt the world twirl once, twice, thrice, and then black. The last thing I heard was, "I'm so sorry…"

I woke up in the nurse's office, aka the Sick Room. I was alone and had thick wool blankets piled one after the other on top of me. On top of me… I shivered at the thought, we're both girls! Who does something like that!? But… ,I remembered, I … didn't want her to stop… does that mean I'm a lesbian…? I thought up an imaginative Taylor Lautner, Nope! Still straight!

"Hey, are you OK?" I shot straight up, my eyes like an owls, searching the room for the source of the voice. It was only the nurse… "A little jumpy, are we?" she snickered. My head was starting to sway a bit.

"Uh, yea-yeah…" I'm SO glad it's not that psycho chick! I almost had a heart attack- oh wait, I'm already dead… well, it's the thought that counts.

"Are you feeling up to going back to class?" I gave her a blank stare. "The school called your sister and she told us why you fainted so randomly like you did. And that you could go back to class as soon as you awoke; that is, if you're feeling up to it of course." She smiled at me.

"Of course." I nodded my head. My sister sucks! I feel like crap…

I only started to lift the wool blankets off of me when the nurse said, "Oh, you have a visitor by the name of Kat Weaver. Do you want me to let her in?"

I don't know anyone here yet, I wonder who this chick is? Maybe this could be the start of a beautiful friendship! "Yeah, sure, let her in." I replied with a weak smile.

The nurse walked out to get her. I sat there like a delusional person, wondering if what happened in the locker room really did when the door clicked shut. I looked up and saw… *gulp… her…

"Umm…." Kat started, with a nervous smile. "I… I'm sorry…" She looked away before saying the last part. Holy shit nuggets! That really did go down! I stared her down, thinking of what to say to that crapy apology. She squirmed under my gaze.

"Ok…" I started out calmly. "And…?" She needed to explain herself thoroughly before I gave her anything.

"I… was out of line?" She tried.

This chick is as dense as led… I don't have time for this. "Look, can you come here for a second?" I gestured for her to sit next to me on the bed.

Kat sent a cautious look my way, but nodded her head and made her way over to me. She slowly sat down. I checked the window in the door to see if there was anyone watching us. The cost is crystal clear. Here we go! I gave another quick glance over to the window, just to make sure, and unsheathed my fangs. I grabbed her shoulders and brought her close enough to bite. And I do just that. She struggles and squeals while my fangs make room, but she can't escape my grip.

My irises' morph into a diamond like shape and my pupils go to cat slits. Kat's movements slow as she relaxes; only muttering a small "Stop… Please Stop…" here and there as her eyes flutter and her cheeks flush. I am not exactly 'sucking her blood', ok? A little trick I picked up. I can literally suck knowledge from any person I can get my fangs into. Awesome, aren't I!

I experience her childhood in a matter of seconds and understand basically everything. The main points are that she was abandoned at birth, thought she was a human (until last year where she almost killed someone in a rage), and she has no clue as to who her mother and father are. Nice… this will be a very fun year… Guhhh!

I am still getting my fill of answers when some boy, who I think I saw in English, walked in on us. His face went beet red as soon as he stepped in! Can't blame him really; I mean not when it looked like I was pullin' some lesbo moves on Kat in the sick room. This is the picture: Kats cheeks were just about as red as his were, she was basically moaning, well mumbling, her head was lolling to the side, we're on the bed, and I was nibbling on her neck with my eyes half closed. Sound's hot, doesn't it?

But actually! Kat's face was flushed because when I swoop into peoples' memories like I did hers, their anti-bodies try to cancel it out; so she basically has a fever type like thing. And her mumbling was her trying to stop me…. Failed attempts obviously. Me nibbling on her neck is as obvious as day and night, to suck some info out of her! Her head leaning away from me is so I could get a good bite, and the bed, well, it's just where we are.

He stood there and stared us down. I unhooked my fangs from Kat, my eyes and tooth structure returning to that of your everyday human. I made eye contact with him as Kat just closed her eyes and fell limp on my lap. I glanced down at her and back to the boy. He finally spoke, "I'm… sorry… to disturb you…" with that he hurriedly and obnoxiously turned and walked out the door, his face still slightly red.

Well… I hope this doesn't ruin my reputation… I look down at Kat again. Or hers for that matter…

Kat let out small snore, and I just fell back and closed my eyes, my head making a small plopping noise as it hit the overstuffed pillow, and I passed out one more time that day.

Authors Note P.S. – What is Kat! :P Find out next time on The Everyday Life of a Teen Vampire! (that's ridiculously long… I might change it, suggestions? :3).