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Sam walked home slowly. She recalled every fight she'd ever had with someone she once called a friend and realized something scary: while none of her old friends ever knew anything even close to what Hyde knew, all of the fights sounded eerily similar. And they all ended with the person storming off and Sam never hearing from them again. She stopped short when another thought hit her: she not only didn't want to lose Hyde, she couldn't lose him. She couldn't go back to having no one, even if she didn't tell him everything.

Later that night, as she attempted to concentrate on her homework, her mind kept returning to that singular thought. Sam could not lose Hyde. It was like a sore tooth that her tongue continually strayed to. She fiddled with it, wincing when her father crossed her mind. She needed Hyde but there was no way he would stay- not once he learned the full truth, which Sam really didn't want to share anyway. What her brain really wanted her to do- and she probably should- was to run as far away from Jake Hyde as possible and never let anyone in again. That boy was going to break her heart, she knew it. Jason was pure trouble, like most every boy she dated in the past; Hyde was pure everything else. He wanted to help her- he'd cleaned her up for fuck's sake- but she knew it would only end in tears when her father decided to uproot them once again.

Her mind had just taken the drastic turn to imagining what would have happened if Hyde had kissed her the night before when her dad came stumbling through the door. Sam glanced at the clock and rolled her eyes; it was only nine o'clock. It appeared she was in for a long night.

"Hey, Girl, get in here!"

Sam held back a groan as she got up and walked into the living room. She stopped short seeing the three strange men sitting with her father, surprised she didn't hear them come in with him. "Yes, Dad?" she asked as politely as possible.

"Why don't you get us a few drinks, pretty lady." The man immediately to her right leered at her. She nodded and turned to the kitchen, jumping when the leering one slapped her backside. "Tight ass," he remarked nonchalantly.

Fighting her instinct to turn and slap the man, Sam fled to the kitchen, grabbed the beers and trudged back to the unwelcome guests. "Here you go." Sam passed the beers out, giving the strangers a wide berth and moved to leave again before her father stopped her.

"Where are your manners, girl? These boys are hot and tired from work. They want to be relaxed." He grinned at them. "She's real good at relaxing people."

"Wha- what?" she choked out.

"You heard him, bitch." Sam turned towards the man who spoke and the big man grinned. "Now how 'bout you take care of me first eh?" His hand drifted towards the front of his pants before coming up and cupping her cheek almost gently. She flinched at the contact; the big man's face contorted angrily and he smacked her, the sound echoing through the room. "Rule number one: if I want to touch you, I'm going to and you're going to like it. Now how 'bout we start with a nice little massage. You want to give or receive- think hard before you answer, pretty bitch."

Sam looked the man up and down, remembering his lewd gaze and taking note of his obvious…discomfort down below. The man wanted that dealt with but he seemed the type to want a bit of fun at her expense first. "Regardless of what I want," she started tossing her hair and gazing at him through her lashes, "I think you want me to answer 'receive'."

The man stared at her and for half a heartbeat, she thought she answered wrong but then he threw back his head and laughed. "You've got a smart one here, Todd," he told her father before reaching for Sam. She was sickened and a little shocked she got it right. It had been a while since her father brought home guests for her to entertain and yet she could still read them easily and know what they'd want. The man's rough hand grabbing her breast brought Sam's thoughts screeching back to the present. 'Don't flinch,' she told herself sternly, remembering the man's rule. "Why don't you come sit next to me? We can have a bit of fun together." Sam obliged, plopping herself down next to the stranger. He placed his hand on her jean clad knee, rubbing it with his thumb. "You weren't expecting company, were you girl." She mutely nodded, ignoring her disgust at the idea of actually dressing up for these people. "Well that's too bad; these clothes will get in our way eventually."

"I know," Sam answered quietly, not looking at the man.

He grabbed her chin and wretched her to face him. "Rule number two: if I'm talking to you, you look at me. "Now," he looked over at Todd, "is there somewhere private your girl and I can go?"

"Of course." He nodded to the back guest room. "Make yourself comfortable." The man stood and pulled Sam up behind him. As they walked past her father to the back room, Todd sent his daughter a look that pushed a chill up her spine. It clearly stated: 'do not disappoint'. Well shit, she thought.

Her father always kept the extra bedroom in every house they lived in made up and comfortable. After the first time Sam 'entertained' she saw it as a mockery that the place where she was forced to be a prostitute, the place where she was first raped (she fought only that initial time), would be so comfortable. Indeed, under different circumstances Sam would delight in the room so nicely decorated with soft colors of greens and silver and tastefully thrown pillows.

Instead, as she led the vile stranger into the room, she was met with a shudder down her spine and a knot in her stomach. When the man crossed the threshold, he immediately grabbed for her, but she pushed him away for a second, turning to slide the door shut first. Then, steeling her nerves, she turned to face the man, a- what she hoped to be- seductive smile on her face. "Now we won't be interrupted and your friends won't know if you get something special that they don't."

"And am I gonna get something special?" The man had sat down on the edge of the bed, watching her with a critical eye.

Sam shrugged. "Depends on what you want. I'm to give you whatever that is."

The man's face seemed to soften for an instant and then twisted with cruelty. "So you're mine to command?" She nodded mutely. "Done this before, have you bitch?" Another silent nod. "Then come here." Sam stepped closer, still leaving about a foot between them. "Strip," the man coldly commanded. She complied, suppressing a shiver as the man's dark eyes assessed her. "My, my, you are a pretty thing." He stood up. "Come closer." Her legs moved automatically; she no longer had to think to follow strangers' orders.

She stopped directly in front of him, as close as she and Hyde had been last night, in fact. No, she told herself sternly. She would not allow herself to think of Hyde here, not while she was being forced to be someone's sex toy. "Undress me." The man smirked, keeping his hands by his side. He wasn't going to make this easy. She reached for the shirt first, unbuttoning the old flannel efficiently; then moved on to his jeans, unsnapping and pushing them doing, allowing her hands to linger on his waist. His eyes closed a fraction of an inch and his erection bulged even more. Sam felt a twisted sense of pride and a smirk threatening her face; even after several months, she was still able to elicit such a response from a man. "What's your name, bitch?"

"Anna," she answered softly. She always used her old names for this.

"Mhm, I think I'll stick with bitch. You can call me Tom."

"Alright, Tom. What do you want next?"

"You to lie down and stop talking." He followed her, covering her body with his own but she forced herself to keep calm. Sam blocked out most of what he did to her- and what he made her do- and eventually he let out a groan and collapsed, heaving himself off of her a moment later. "You are good at this. I'll be sure to tell Todd." They dressed soundlessly, Sam turning her back on the man, before walking back to the living room.

Todd looked up in surprise at their entrance. "That wasn't very long. I hope everything was to your satisfaction." His lip twisted cruelly at the last word.

"Oh, most definitely," Tom answered. He looked at his friends. "You boys are in for a treat." Sam inwardly groaned at the men's lustful gazes. It was only going to get worse- it always did once the others had time to anticipate and imagine how they would be satisfied. The next man was rougher, slapping her around a bit before he finished. The last man was the worse; he was a cruel man, bordering on sadistic and he had worn a belt. Sam didn't think she'd be able to sit down at all the next day. Finally, three hours after the strangers had invaded the house, they left, joking and laughing as if they regularly forced young girls to sleep with them. They probably do, Sam thought bitterly.

"I'm going to bed, Dad," she informed Todd. He just slurred something incomprehensible.


Sam groaned when she woke up and tried to roll out of bed the next morning. She'd never felt so sore in her life and having to sleep on her stomach put a crick in her neck. She reached for her phone, wondering if Hyde had texted or called last night; he hadn't. Her heart sank. I'll talk to him today, she thought. 'And tell him what?' her inner voice said. 'That you're a prostitute and a sex toy?' Shut up, she viciously answered. Seeing as it was her job to make sure the house was clean and her father was up and out the door for work after a late night, Sam forced herself up and downstairs where she found Todd still asleep on the couch. "Dad, Dad you gotta get up." She grabbed his shoulder, ducking when he blindly swung out. "Dad, c'mon wake up. You said you didn't want to move yet; well that means you can't get fired."

"Alright, alright," he grumbled. "I'm getting' up. Get your ass to school; and you better be walkin' normal."

"Yes, sir." Sam jogged back to her room, hoping to stretch herself out some in the process. Grabbing her things, she then proceeded to jog to school, taking the long way to avoid the main street as long as possible. As a result, she came running into school just before the bell rang, skidding to a stop in front of the usual table, gasping for breath.

"Sam? Why you so late, Darlin'?" Jekyll sounded concerned.

"Overslept," she panted, avoiding Hyde's curious stare. He would just have to buy the story; he was the one that walked away. No, it was you who shut him out. You're the reason he walked away. You're just as useless as your father always says.

If any of her teachers wondered why Sam was limping slightly or shifted ever few minutes, trying to get comfortable, they didn't say anything. To Sam, their silence just proved that no one could help, even though she knew she was being irrational: she couldn't expect them to help if she didn't tell them what was going on.

Her irrational thinking led to her almost (definitely) failing to act normal at lunch. She beat the other three to their lunch table and stood there; deciding looking like a dork was worth not having to sit on her sore backside. She was still standing there, probably looking like an uncomfortable loser when Jekyll and Sabine walked up and sat down. "Sam, why don't you sit down?" Jekyll asked, looking at her strangely.

"No, I'm fine," she answered airily just as Hyde walked up.

"Why's she standing?" he muttered to Jekyll, looking at Sam just as strangely. He just shrugged.

"I'm standing because I feel like it," she informed them loudly, annoyed by their stares and then inwardly cringed. There was no way that sounded normal.

"Are you goin' to stand all through lunch, Sam?" Sabine sounded concerned.

Well shit, Sam thought again. "Yes, I do believe I will. Actually, I'm going to take a walk; I'll see y'all in English." Walking hurt but a lot less than sitting and leaving prevented them from asking her more questions. At least she thought it would until Hyde stood up, stretched, and said: "Mind if I join you?" Sam gaped at him, trying to find a way to say hell no but he just grasped her elbow like an old fashion gentleman, ignoring Jekyll's catcalls.

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