Cold Beauty

A/N: I was inspired to write this story…This is kind of a preview to see if you like it.

Rating: M

Summary: Lewis is a boy with a secret, with pale skin that is cooler than normal. Julius is the one that will find out his secret…the painful way.

Warnings: Blood, sexual content, bullying, swearing and slash (Boyxboy)



Lewis was not your typical teenage boy; he was a quiet boy, one that stuck to the shadows. He was well known for wearing a black hoodie all the time, he was deathly pale and his skin was cold.

Lewis didn't like people or sunlight; he preferred to stay in a dark corner of the library, away from prying eyes.

His hair was black and his eyes were a dark blue, so dark they looked black. His hair was always styled in a messy way, which looked good on him.

He used to be a sweet, warm, loving boy who was willing to help anyone, but that all changed after one night.

His mother wasn't sure what happened, he went out to a friend's house and when he came back he was pale and….different. She asked him about it, but he would brush her off and change the subject.

His friends slowly drifted away from the now cold (in more ways than one) boy that had replaced their friend.

People whispered behind his back, some said he joined so kind of religious group or cult, some say he was attacked.

Well….one of those is true.


Everyone thought it was strange when Lewis caught the eye of the new guy, no one could ever guess why,

Julius was a jock, in every sense of the word. He always had girls hanging off him, he played football and he was gorgeous. He was tall with dark blonde hair and dark green eyes, his skin tanned from being outside all the time.

So…how did the pale, shadow loving boy….catch the eye of the sun loving jock?

Well…Lewis isn't your average teenager and even the jock has some secrets of his own.

But will Julius give up on the pale teen when he finds out what really happened to him on that faithful night?

Will he be able to handle it when trouble comes knocking on his door?

Will Lewis allow this boy to care for him?

Will he let his heart open up once more?


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