Under the light of the moon her skin looked as fine as silk. Her smile radiated happiness and her hazel eyes shone brightly. Her dark auburn hair swirled in the wind, attacking her beautiful heart-shaped face. Within that moment her burdens seemed to disappear.

"So..."a deep and heavily accented voice whispered in her ear. When his hot breath hit the left part of her cheek and neck, her whole body gave an involuntary shudder. She felt him smile against her. "What is your answer, my love?"

She shifted in his embrace, lifting her eyes to meet his; not once did they break contact as she gently began to pull down on his chin, prompting him to lean in closer. When he did, she captured his warm, soft lips in a passionate kiss.

The need for air became more extrusive as they finally parted a few inches. She smiled.

"Yes." She answered in a whispered tone. "Yes."

The breath he didn't realize he had been holding was released in a rush of air. The happiness he felt couldn't be contained as a boisterous laugh erupted past his lips, making his chest rumble. With no hesitation he picked her up, twirled her, and then set her back down again.

Beyond their comprehension they eventually found themselves lying together in the sand. The sound of the ocean's waves washing up onto the shore sounded in their ears. They felt content in each other's arms, staring up at the clear night sky. The stars appeared to be brighter than before, like they were celebrating their happiness.

She sighed delightfully as her head rested comfortably upon his chest. The sound of his heart beating beneath her ear began lulling her to sleep. It made her feel safe, secure and relaxed.

And just as she was about to fall asleep his soft words reached inside her mind, pulling her back. "Some say your wedding day is the start to the rest of your life." He looked down at her, and she looked at him, a small smile forming on his handsome face. "I believe it started tonight, Maya."

She felt herself melt. Oh, how she loved this man. "Aideon, the rest of my life started the day you and I met. The day you saved me; I owe you something I can never pay back. I love you with my very mind, body and soul."

His smile brightened; "And I you."

His memory faded back into reality. His heart painfully ached. Closing his eyes he leaned his head against the cell bars. He couldn't break free to save his love from the fate he knew she was about to endure. The magical barrier prevented him. He shouldn't have fallen for a mortal; he knew the repercussions it caused. He should have known he was of no exception to the rule.

And he blamed himself entirely.

Approaching footsteps brought him out of his thoughts. Moving his head a little to the side he caught a glimpse of golden robes, and knew to whom they belonged. Rage flooded his veins and he saw red. His jaw set, he looked straight ahead, ignoring the rising feelings the visitor's gaze stirred in him as he continued to stare—like he could see into his very soul.

Soon, the one who had caused him so much pain and suffering spoke. His voice was of no remorse. "The deed has been done."

Aideon's heart felt as if it was ripped in two. His bottom lip quivered and tears blurred his vision, threatening to fall. He, however, refused to let them.

He spoke again, "You and that human should not have gotten serious. You knew full well what the outcome would be."

Looking down, his breathing quickened. He knew the cost of what he and Maya faced—she had not. He would never be able to tell her how sorry he was for all the agony he had caused. And she would never know.

Heavy and awkward silence fell around them. What felt like an eternity slowly passed by before the rustling of robes and the sound of retreating footsteps could be heard.

Aideon slightly lifted his head. He was leaving. His emerald orbs sent daggers of death towards his enemy's turned back.

As they headed down the dungeon's hall, Aideon could faintly hear his brother's voice. "Love between a mortal and a God is forbidden, Aideon. Remember that."