His jaw clenched, amber eyes glowing in anger, his irises becoming narrower in increasing animosity towards the silver wolf emblem he held in his hand. The emerald jewel that was located on the wolf's chain collar was glowing, pulsating, growing brighter before going dimmer again. And as quickly as it started, it had stopped. How long would they have to endure this exigence that was cast upon them before the curse lifted? Would they ever be free to live as normal, mortal humans?

He glided his thumb over the intricate design of the wolfs fur. Being cursed by The Fates must be some kind of sick joke. Would they ever die of old age? No. Not old age, but wounds, pain; was what would be inflicted upon them. The lone man shook his head, chuckling darkly. He should have known better. Even in death they would always suffer. They would not be able to return to the heaven from whence all living beings came. They were, as the mortals called them, Satan's spawns. The underworld was where they would end up. That was where they belonged.

Forever in agony; forever suffering.

This was something that Alreich Zurchean Yelchin feared the most for his clan. This was something that he did not want to acknowledge. Yet, every waking moment even in his dreams, always reeling through the implacable barrage of questions wracking his restless mind. Even as more than two thousand years had passed since the royal family had been cursed, and less than a thousand since King Zurean had fallen in battle, leaving everyone to believe that the rest of his tribulation in the underworld under Lucifer's watchful eyes; and that they would be free. This, however, was not the case.

His great-great grandfather's disrespect caused those around him tremendous suffering. For his blatant insolence and humiliation caused by him grabbing onto the bosom Lord-Governor's daughter; Mirania.

Alreich, when he was younger, had heard stories from the people of his clan, before they were turned by the curse, that the King's subjects had brought up their suspicions about Durandic and the people there had approached the course of magic and their advantages, disadvantages and how to use them for their benefit. Alreich thought them smart for their endeavors.

The townspeople had said that with the King's childish mannerisms would bring an evil punishment. That they would suffer. The king, however had thought the townspeople's endeavors are less than a fool's wish. All they were were attention seeking dingbats who had nothing better to do with their time.

Oh, how wrong he was. The curse had taken it's course during the first full moon when everyone: nobles, servants, advisors, as well as the king himself had turned into a werewolf and they would continue to stay like that for the rest of their existence. Never aging, never falling ill, always appearing to be in their twenties. If a mortal fell in love with one that was cursed, then they too, would fall into the same fate as them. That fact had been proven many times before when a few members of his clan; including cousins and servants had fallen in love with a mortal man or woman; had been placed under the curse.

This curse, however, had it's perks. Alreich supposed. Being able to control their mind during their transformation was definitely a plus. Though, he had vowed to not fall in love. He did not want anyone to fall into the same trap that so many others have done so. Besides;

Love in this day and age never lasts; if it does, its a rarity,Alreich reminded himself. He was brought out of his reverie when his sensitive ears picked up on the sounds of approaching footsteps behind him, he turned, pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind.

He growled when he realized who it was. He turned back to look out over the Zurchean Bridge. He didn't feel like conversing with anyone at the moment, and that included his brother. "What is it you want, Antoine?" Alreich nearly growled.

"There is still hope. Do not give up." Antoine's hand found its way to his brother's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze of reassurance.

"Mere millenniums have passed by and yet here were are, still under that horrid curse." Alreich turned, his amber eyes seemed to glow under the light of the half moon. "When will we ever be released from this curse? Forgive me, brother if I cannot contain my hope and faith as I once did when the one this spell had been cast was killed in battle."

He sighed; "this is not how I imagined it would be."

His brother thought better then to say anything. He too had felt the burden his brother was feeling. His faith and hope too were slithering away with each passing second. Swallowing hard he looked into his brother's eyes. "Things do happen for a reason."

"Why us?" Alreich's voice was but a gentle whisper. Even with their sensitive senses Antoine had a hard time hearing his brother.

"Why anyone?" Alreich looked to his brother, his smile was grim, his eyes sad. Not a word was said as Antoine patted his brother on his shoulder and left him to his thoughts yet again.

Yes, why anyone?