Atropos Lachesis Clotho Moirai

The Underworld's spirits call my name
They wail for freedom and I do the same
For my mind is clustered with their blame
And I cry myself to sleep, feeling nothing but shame

I feel their eyes, reaped of life and hollow
And they tell me how quickly it's over
How you leave this earth with endless sorrow
And they plea to fix their pasts with my gift to borrow

"Atropos Lachesis Clotho Moirai"
In Greek, that is all a cursed girl must say
To summon these poor, wistful faces
And then send them far away

A/N: I wrote this a few weeks ago. It corresponds with an Ancient Greek mythology story I'm writing called "Fates of Three."

The story is about the new Fates with power over birth, life and death. And their high school, teenage lives mixed in with old, ancient ones.

If you do get a change to check it out, please review and tell me what you think.