Once upon a time, a young couple was walking through the park. Hand in hand, they travelled under the moon's gentle glow remembering how they met years back when she was shy as he was brash. They met the same as any pair of people would. They exchanged names, spoke of trivial things and parted ways. Acquaintance became friendship; friendship became love, and love blossomed into intimacy. It's a story we've all heard before, but one that never got old.

The boy tripped over what seemed to be a rock, and as he fell, the girl saw what caused the fall. It wasn't a rock, but an oddly shaped bottle with a clock drawn into its side. The man regained his balance and picked the bottle up. He noticed a cork sealing its mouth and pulled it out. In a puff of smoke, a being began to emerge as his voice echoed through the trees.

"My name is Khronos" said the voice.

The couple froze in awe as the old god began to materialize before them. He took the appearance of an aged angel-like figure with what resembled the wings of a raven, but the radiance of the sun. He could see the terrified pair in front of him and he began to speak again.

"Do not be afraid, young ones. I am but an old being older than the world itself. I am what your ancestors in the west worshiped as a god and what your ancestors in the east called a genie."

"Do you mean to say you will grant us wishes?" said the man. The genie seemed so real that they dare couldn't doubt what they saw and heard.

"I will grant each of you one wish, however my powers are limited to the flow and direction of time. You may enter the past at any point in time and any location and do as you see fit. You may however only do this once after an hour, you will be transported back to this place and I will return to my vessel and vanish from your point in time to one much farther. Choose wisely"

The couple stared at each other in complete disbelief. Who else could be lucky enough to be given such an opportunity? To change any moment in time they could… their minds raced through their own memories searching for something… anything they wanted to change. After what seemed hours of thinking, the man remembered something…

"I may want to go back to when I was four years old… when my parents fought before our father left us, and our family fell apart, I was alone in front of our empty home. A lady walking by saw me and embraced me. She told me that everything would be alright… mother would take care of me and I would live to see many happy moments despite everything that happened. She told me not to dwell on the bad things, but focus more on the future. I felt the tears disappear from my eyes. I just want to go back to that moment in time… and thank her."

The girl recalled a similar experience…

"When my mother died many years ago, I was heartbroken. At her funeral, a man stood by me and held me as I cried. He told me everything would be fine and that I had to be strong… right when he said it. I felt strong… I couldn't have gone on without his help… I want to go back in time and thank him too."

Their minds began to come back to the present. Smiles began to grow on their faces as they realized what needed to be done. They made their decisions. They took one look at each other and spoke only five words.

"Thank you… I love you"

With that, the genie transported them, and disappeared. Somewhere, someplace, sometime, somebody's life is being changed by someone they love… whether realize it or not. Don't worry… everything's going to be okay. I'll be there in the end…

Hang in there,

-Somebody who loves you