Summary:To everybody else, Emmy's friends were nothing out of the ordinary. But through her eyes, she sees, she knows and she's aware. What happens when love plays tricks with everyone around her?

"A guy and girl can never be just friends" I wanted to talk back. To tell him it isn't true. But my voice got stuck in my throat. "You're too young to know things" he shook his head. "I'm older than you." I said as a matter a fact. "Perhaps a month. But you're as innocent and dense as a child" That's when I decided I'd to prove them wrong.

I quickened my pace as I approached the room in the middle of an empty hallway. I had trouble finding my locker earlier and much trouble figuring out what Robb had wanted to say.

There were bold black numbers on top of the door that read '505'. My hand reached for the knob when another hand wrapped itself against it. My brown eyes were met by eyes even darker than mine. So dark, they almost seemed like obsidian stones. She had raven black hair that descended just below her shoulders. Her frame was thin and petite that stood above me. The lashes of her eyes swept across her cheeks in a swift motion as she took in my startled expression.

"Emmy," she heaved, "Why'd you come so late?" She let go of the knob.

"I should ask you the same." I said while cocking one of my brows. "Got caught up with people, you?"

"I missed one bus and suddenly the traffic was rooted to the ground, you know how far my house is." She replied irritatingly while running one hand through her hair.

"Tell that to Matt and Jane. They practically live in Narnia for all we know." She cracked up and slapped me across the arm. This is why you shouldn't come close to any of my friends when they get excited. Or get happy. Or just don't come close at a two meter radius when they get emotionally ecstatic.

"I didn't even know I had first class with you. So are you going to open the door or do you want to skip it with me?" She finally asked as her laugher died down.

"No thanks, Gail. I'd like to keep my record clean, but I appreciate the kind offer." I said jokingly as I opened the door. Suddenly twenty three pairs of eyes were on us, including Matt, Robb and Dave.

I swept my gaze across the two amigos who happened to be the exact reason why I was late. Dave wore an amused smirk and I didn't want anything in the world than to tear it off his face. Robb stared at us blankly as if having an inner debate with himself but still nodded with acknowledgment.

Finally my eyes shifted to Matt. He had his head bowed down but it turned to our direction when the door creaked open. His dark brown hair was tousled above his head. He cracked a smile when he saw us and raised an eyebrow, probably asking why we were late. I just shrugged. He rolled his eyes playfully at the lack of explanation. Even from a far, his eyes pierced icy blue.

My attention was brought back to Gail when she spoke. "Man, there aren't many seats left. I guess I'll take the one next to Nicole." I nodded and watched my best friend sit next to a familiar blond headed girl sitting near the last row. I didn't know I had so many friends in my first class.

I didn't have trouble finding myself an empty seat because Matt patted the one beside him. I stalked off to the third row and sat at the vacant seat.

"Hey" I greeted him and he held up a hand for a high five.

"Good thing you got here before the teacher,"

"I know. Finding the locker was the hardest thing. This building could pass as a labyrinth!" he chuckled at my expense and propped his elbow on the desk as face support.

"You know they have maps for every hall, right?"

"Really? There were maps? For Pete's sake." I sighed exasperatedly and started to pile a book and a notebook neatly on my desk.

"Listen, about what I said last time-"

"My lips are sealed." I assured him

"Thanks." I could feel the relief wash over him and I couldn't understand why. For all I know, everything I said to him during summer vacation was as confidential as his. If I were to black mail him, he could do the same thing to me.

The door burst open and a woman not older than her fifties entered the room. She took a quick look across the sea of eager students and proceeded to write her name on the board.

The words "Professor Martin" were jotted in neat cursive hand writing.

"Good Morning class, welcome back to hell." There was a beat of silence before she bellowed in laughter. The rest of the students joined her between nervous glances and I couldn't help but laugh at their faces.

She went on about the grading system and the rest of the class wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was as normal as an ordinary school day from middle school. There was a boy at the back who had his mouth hung open as he slept, splayed across his desk. Girls in front of us were either giggling or passing notes to each other. The people in the front row were eagerly writing down notes about everything Mrs. Martin has said. And Matt stealing glances once in a while to a girl sitting two rows behind.

The first two periods were over almost immediately. All we had were introductions for the following semester and everything went peachy and perfect. I didn't know anyone during my Robotics class except for that one girl I shared a common interest in with Harry Potter. The teacher was, let me put it this way, annoyingly sarcastic. She'd ask someone a question and contradict it with a not-so-witty-remark. If I had to put up with it for another hour, I'd go Kanye West on her.

Gail said she'll meet me during recess with the rest of the gang so here I am in the cafeteria waiting.

I sat two tables across from a group of girls whom I knew since middle school. They couldn't stop gushing about their boyfriends-or should I say, new batch of boyfriends. They changed boys so often, they changed them like clothes. I rolled my eyes at how shallow they must be.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against relationships but I find them unnecessary for our age. If it comes, it will. You don't have to force yourself to have one just because everybody around you is in one.

The first to arrive was Jane who just came after her Geometry class. She plopped down beside me and groaned as the table came in contact with her forehead.

"Did your Geometry teacher suck really that bad?" I asked while poking her sides.

"Nah, she's cool. But she made us solve math for the rest of the meeting." I was met by her green eyes that were comparable to that of a cat. Her face was heart shaped that had auburn hair flowing to her shoulders. The roots showed a lighter shade of hair, blond, where the dye has ended.

"Yeah well, wait til you meet your Robotics teacher." I patted her head and she groaned once more.

One by one everyone came in. Kate and Gail, who apparently had English together, came a few minutes just after Jane. Robb and Dave, I swear this two are inseparable. My thought of them being gay back in middle school didn't help at all. Matt came in with Nicole and sat opposite each other.

Nicole was one of the prettiest girls in our year. She had curly blond hair that was always tied up in a pony tail. She had a darker shade of eyes compared to Matt. They were blue but the light made it seem purple in some instances. Her eye lashes were long, sweeping across her cheeks.

We exchanged stories about the subjects we had for the first two periods. We told each other our schedules so that we know who among us were in them. After a while it was time to go again. One by one everybody left until it was only me, Nicole and Robb.

"Emmy!" she hugged me, "I'll see you during lunch" She waved us good bye until it was time for me to leave as well

"Hey I'll go to Arts now-"

"Emmy," Robb said firmly. I faced him curiously but his eyes wouldn't meet mine.

"I-would you-"

"Robb, please, I'm going to be late" I rolled my eyes at his hesitation.

"I'm breaking up with Tris."

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