Challenged myself and wrote this drabble in five minutes. :)


"You said you'll wait for me."

"You look gorgeous," he tells her with a smile, an arm intertwined around her own possessively.

She gives a quiet laugh, eyes fixated on the elaborately embellished altar ahead of them. "They say no bride is ugly, you know," she says, her heavy earrings quivering as she continues giggling. "Aside from the fact that I've been preparing for this for a very long time. Of course I look gorgeous. It's almost like a requirement."

He shakes his head, a light chuckle escaping his lips as the two of them continue walking forward. "I think the fact that you're happy helps, too."

She grins, the white veil unable to hide her glowing expression. "I think so, too. I waited a long time for this moment."

The two of them halt their tracks, in perfect rhythm with the wedding march. And then, like a careless afterthought that betrays too much of himself, he blurts out, "You said you'll wait for me."

The young woman simply smiles at this remark, and he can only watch as she withdraws her arm to entwine it with her groom's. "The heart can only wait for so long," she says, tilting her head to one side as a vague expression of sadness crosses her eyes.

"You're too late."


See? I can not procrastinate. \O/