Updated: 5/29/15

Hello, Everyone!

This story is old version of Ash. I wrote this one a couple years back and while I am proud of it in many ways, it just didn't sit right with me. I felt like Ash wasn't really told in the best light. So I have started a new version that I will be posting. I hope you read it!

I would just like to say that if you are overly sensitive to issues of rape do not read this story. One of the character is a rapist, while I never write him doing anything to any of the characters, I do insinuate through words what he is and what he does. (i.e. He smiled at me the way a rapist would when greeting his next victim: aroused, dangerous, hungry, deadly." If this sentence is offensive to you don't read futher. Thank you.

Also, I own everything in Ash's world. The characters, the storyline, the plot, the dialogue, EVERYTHING! I don't mind you using my work as an inspiration for your own work (I do the same thing with everything I read), but do not plagiarize. I post Ash's story for my own enjoyment and in the hope that I will get some really good (encouraging or critical) reviews, but if need be I will take it down.

Thank you for reading!