Updated: 12/1/2013


Hello, Everyone!

I would just like to say that if you are overly sensitive to issues of rape do not read this story. One of the character is a rapist, while I never write him doing anything to any of the characters, I do insinuate through words what he is and what he does. (i.e. He smiled at me the way a rapist would when greeting his next victim: aroused, dangerous, hungry, deadly." If this sentence is offensive to you don't read futher. Thank you.

This story is now finished. I will continue to edit but I will not update it as I do plan to have it published, so you'd be able to read the edited version after it's published. That being said please don't comment on grammar and spelling in your reviews because it'll be likely that I'll have already fixed those issues. Thank you.

Please review! I am completely open to new ideas and critics! I want Ash's story to be told in the best possible way so if you have any ideas or suggestions on how I can make it better please, please tell me! I will take your opinions seriously and will make any changes I agree need to be made. But please remember that some things may not make sense for a reason and will be explained later. I do comment on reviews given to me, just so you know; after you leave a review be ready to see a PM from me.

Also, I own everything in Ash's world. The characters, the storyline, the plot, the dialogue, EVERYTHING! I don't mind you using my work as an inspiration for your own work (I do the same thing with everything I read), but do not plagiarize. I post Ash's story for my own enjoyment and in the hope that I will get some really good (encouraging or critical) reviews, but if need be I will take it down.

Thank you for reading!



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When you get to Chapter 14 - Ron's Death KEEP AN OPEN MIND! All will be explained in chapter 18 - Kill or Be Killed! Thank you.