Myths become Reality

I still don't understand!" I exclaimed. Mother had just tried to explain to me what is happening.

She sighed, but it was more of a happy sound than annoyed. That's one thing that's weird about her, she's so happy. No matter what I do she smiles at me and almost never takes her eyes off of me. "Ash." She smiles again. "I know this has to be difficult for you, but please try to keep an open mi-"

"Why did you name me Ash?" I interrupt.

"Ever heard of a phenix?" She smiled, warm and sweet. The way a mother is supposed to smile at her child. I shake my head. "It's a bird. A beautiful bird. It comes in all different colors and sizes and has the most beautiful voice. It can replicate any song, no matter how difficult or strange. The bonds in forms with it's owner is unlike any bond you've ever felt. Stronger than that of a dog and it's owner. Phenix's only live to be about five years old. Except when they bond with their owner. Their owner can be human, witch, vampire, or a werewolf. Once bonded the phenix will live as long as it's owner. But every five years the phenix will burn itself to ashes and then be reborn from the ashes. That is why I named you Ash. Because you gave me new life. When I had you I was so lost and confused and so desperately in love with your father that I did things that I am not proud of. Then you came and everything changed. You were my salvation, Ash."

"How did you and dad die?" It's been bothering me since I first realized who she was. Because if she was here then she couldn't be alive in the waking world. That much I was sure of.

Her smile slipped a little and tears gathered in her sweet, blue eyes. "That is what I regret most of all, my dearest Ash. I told you that I did things I wasn't proud before you were born. I wouldn't take them back as I wouldn't have had you, but I regret what I did after." She took a deep breath and began.

"It was a cold night. Last day of October. I remember feeling you kicking during our All Hallows Eve rituals and knew you wanted to be out to enjoy the festivals yourself. Then little after 4pm my water broke. Your father was a wreck! He was paler than usual and I remember telling him that if he didn't calm down he was going to pass out. He laughed, such an amazing sound. Reminded me of summer time, when the sun is bright and full and you can hear children laughing in delight all around you, making you want to rejoice with them. That's when the contractions started and after much pain, pushing, and cursing, I believe I even gave your father a rather horrifying case of boils, you were born. And as I said it changed my life. Gave me the answers I needed. What I did with those answers led to our death, though.

Your grandparents are very old fashioned. They believe that you should only breed with those of your own race. That you shouldn't even think about those of other races, except with contempt. But your father and I fell in love. We fought it, of course. But to no avail. Our parents wouldn't have stood for it, though. So I made a potion that would make them put their children's happiness before all other emotions. I gave half to your father to give to his parents. I gave the other half to mine. It worked just like I thought it would. They let us get married and were happy for us. But it was wrong to mess with other people's emotion, but I justified it to myself by saying their feelings on mixed-raced couples was outdated and dangerous. But I still did wrong. Even though you came from it. So I decided to remove the spell on them.

As you might might expect they weren't happy and we had only days to find you a new home before they murdered us, as is protocol with mixed-race couples. We placed you with a human family that had given birth to a stillborn child. We made them forget that their child was dead and made them think that you were theirs. They took you home with them the day we were killed. Your grandparents raided our home and when they saw that you weren't with us, they demanded to know where we were hiding you. We didn't tell them and so they had no choice but to kill us. My mother stabbed your father through the heart with a wooden stake. His father slit my throat.

Then his father murdered my mother in the same fashion. I watched her life blood drain as mine did and was cruelly glad that she paid for what she did to your father. After I died I was given a choice. I could move on and be with your father or I could wait here for you. Obviously you know what I chose." She looked sad again and I knew she missed my father.

"Do you regret staying here? Do you wish you were with Dad?" I asked, my voice sounding sad and lonely.

"No." She paused, waiting for me to look up. "I'm glad I stayed. I got to meet my beautiful daughter. I couldn't have asked for more." She smiled and stoked my cheek. "And how beautiful you are. You defiantly have your father in you. He was the most handsome man I have ever met. Breathtaking. You also have his strong will. Even if you don't know it yet. And his silver eyes. Though he would be pleased that some of my color leaked into them. He loved my eyes." She smiled, a wistful smile of lost days. "And of course you inherited both of our family legacies."

"What legacies?"

"My powers and your father's vampirism. I've never seen a hybrid that's bonded so perfectly with both genes before. Most only bond with one or the other."

"How come I bonded with both? Do you know?" I asked, curious.

"I think so. You see your father and I were part of the last few pureblood's. He was almost purely vampire, meaning his family has very little human blood tainting their vampire blood." She explained, noticing the blank look on my face. "Same with me. My guess is since both genes were so potent, neither one could dominate the other in your body and so instead they bonded together. Creating a true vampire-witch hybrid." She brushed my hair back, the wind kept blowing it in my eyes. "Your eyes mark you as a vampire. Silver is one of the six pureblood vampire families. The strongest family, meaning they have the most members and riches, is the Silver-Eyes."

I couldn't help myself, I started laughing uncontrollably.

"What?" My mother asked startled.

"It's ... Just... Not ... Very... Creative." I said, trying to control the chortling.

She rolled her eyes. "That's not the true family name. Perfectus is their true name, though now days they go by Parfey. Silver-Eyes is just what the human hunters coined them."

"Oh. Sorry." I was still trying to keep the giggles from bubbling up.

"It's okay, Ash. Anyway the other five families are the emerald-eyed Sapiens, now known as La Sage; ruby-eyed de Noruico, now Norwich; sapphire-eyed de Maneriis, now Menzies; amethyst-eyed Reginaldi, they've kept their name; and Thamarius, now known as Thame*."

"What color eyes do the Thames have?" I asked since she didn't say.

"Their eyes change color. Most of the time their eyes are pearl-colored, though."

Hmmm. That's interesting. I stay silent for a long time, thinking about everything she had told me. My mother was a strong, if not reckless, person. She fought for what she wanted and even though she won, she also lost. Because of my parents love for each other they los their lives and put mine in danger. Is love really worth all that? I'm not so sure. But if love isn't worth dying for then what is? And what about them not being human? Can it really be true? Can I really be a vampire? And a witch? I just don't see how it is possible. How can mythical creatures be real? I decide to ask her just that.

"I'm not so sure this is all real. How will I know when I wake up that I really spoke to you? How am I supposed to believe that I really am a vampire/witch hybrid?" I asked, seeking the reassurance that I'm not crazy and this really is happening.

"When you wake I want you to prick your finger with a needle. Let the blood drip onto a plain white sheet of paper. Let the paper dry. This is an easy way to see what race someone is: if human the blood will dry a dark red; if vampire the blood will dry bright red; if witch the blood will dry in a ring shape; if werewolf the blood will dry in split in two, one half will dry dark red and the other will dry brown. Yours I think will dry bright red and in a ring shape, signally you are a witch and a vampire."

"Okay. I'll do it."

"Good. We don't have much more time, my sweet Ash. Is their anything else you would like to know?"
"Is this the last time I will see you?"

"Yes. I was only to stay to help you accept the truth. It is up to others on Earth to help with the rest. I believe you have met them, Alexandra and Savin?"

"They were telling the truth, weren't they?"

"Yes. But don't fret, they didn't actually expect you to believe them. Is there anything else?"

"What is your name? What was Dad's?" I asked. I could feel the dream starting to slip away. A buzzing was cutting through the air, that sounded very much like my alarm.

"Katarina, my name is Katarina and your father's was Micheal." She just barely said his name before I was sucked out of the dream.