By Inkfngrz

What would life be like without the gift of imagination?

To live in today's humdrum without the gift of mental relaxation,

Such a thing would be a crime.

Not to know of fairies, elves, dwarves, dragons, and another space in time,

How could we possibly continue if we didn't have them in our minds?

The damsel in distress, the knight in shining armor, the vicious monster that creeps through the night,

All give us daily delight.

Not to know of hobbits and wizards, or girls who fight on their own,

Not to read about the underdog that fought the world alone,

What could we do without their inspiring stories?

The enemies they engage, the trials they face,

Their sacrifices for a cause greater than them; all this to win their endless race.

All for the destruction of evil they fight,

All for the rescuing of those who cannot take flight,

These are the reasons we need imagination.

So that when we are stuck in our own plight,

We will be able to follow their examples and eventually win our fight.