Cutters are people that try to feel something through pain. They are teased, bullied and hurt by those who call themselves their betters. All they want is to find themselves. Instead to get through the day they are forced to cut. Nobody understands them. They often turn to music to help. When someone notices the cut marks they are called Emo, Cutter, freak. They are labeled by students and parents alike.

They can come from horrible home lives or they can come from loving gentle homes. It really does not matter, they want to feel again. They could have been raped or abused when they were younger. Cutting takes away the pain or self hatred they feel for themselves it gives them scars, not metaphysical scars but scars you can see. It scars them both inside and out.

My advice to Cutters is:

Go to someone you trust and tell them that you self harm.

Get a journal or any type of book and each night before you go to bed write how you feel and why you want to cut.

Listen to music a good band is Black Veil Brides. It helps.

Write music or poetry about how you feel.

Write lyrics on your arm instead of cutting make sure that they mean something to you.

And it is not a bad idea to tell someone you consider to be your best friend you need all the support you can get.

Find a hobby instead of cutting.

I cut and I am trying to get better. I spoke to a teacher about it. She gave me a journal and told me to write in it every night before bed.

Get better soon and don't let anyone tell you who you are.