Why you don't go out after dark

"Can you get some milk? I need it for this recipe I found in ModernMoms." My sister begged me. She was always cooking stuff up. I nodded and shifted myself from my spot in my chair and took some money from my purse.

"What do you want? Whole or 2%?"

"Don't care. Whatever's on sale." She said.

"Alright. I'll be right back." After all, the store was just two blocks away. I got to the store, took the milk from the store fridge, and went to the cash register.

"Evening." I mumbled, placing the milk on the counter.

BEEP, went the machine as the barcode was scanned.

"That'll be four dollars and ten cents."

I felt in my pocket for the change.

It took me a moment to realize that I had forgotten the money. Drat.

"I'm sorry, I forgot my wallet. Never mind." I stepped away, feeling embarrassed. How humiliating. I mean, everyone does something like this every once in a while, right? I left the store in a hurry.

I turned back towards the general direction of the house in the hopes that I could get there in time to grab my wallet before the store closed. But someone stepped into my way.

My heart beat faster and faster. This was not good. I couldn't see who it was.

A face hidden by shadow stood there, a hand held in a pocket, were the only features I could discern of this stranger.

"Can I help you?" I asked, carefully. I had no idea who this was.

The hooded stranger didn't say anything.

I tried to step aside. The stranger got in my way.

"Look, who are you?" I asked, backing up under one of the streetlights. The light blinded me. "What do you want?"

The stranger didn't say anything.

I glanced around, horrified to realize that this was a really quiet street. I hadn't noticed it before. I had left my phone on the coffee table.

I stared at the stranger, unable to breath. He, (I assumed it was a guy.), stepped closer.

My nerves crackled. I took a breath. And dashed past him towards the house.

His hands snapped out and caught me in the arm. I struggled hard, punching, screaming, and kicking until I broke free.

I ran back to the house and slammed the door, shaking as I slid down the door until I was puddle on the ground.

"Amy?!" My sister called. "Amy, are you alright?" She stepped into the hallway.

I glanced down at myself. Blood covered me.

Trembling with fear, I pulled back my sleeve. My arm had been torn to shreds. I heard my sister scream before I slowly slid into welcome unconsciousness.

That's why I don't go out after dark.