Prologue-The Tree Incident, the Milk, and the Crazy Talking Dog- Ryan

I was sitting in the backyard with my brother and sister, Jonathan and Callie as we looked at a tree trying to figure out where the dart Callie had thrown had landed. Callie being the take-charge kind of person she is bounced off the ground and threw her dark green jacket off and ran towards the tree line.

"Callie!" Jonathan called. "What are you doing?"

"You'll see," she said in a bossy tone. She threw her arms up and grabbed a branch then kicked against the tree and climbed as high as she could get.

"Callie, come down!" Jonathan called.

"I'm fine," she said rolling her eyes at us.

"Callie!" Jonathan called.

"I'll be fine!" she yelled forcefully.

"Ryan," Jonathan called to me. "Talk some sense into her."

"Jonathan for the last time, I'm fine!"

As Callie yelled this she stomped her foot on the branch losing her footing.

Jonathan and I both looked at her. I was thinking fast and before I had time to process anything I was standing under the tree and she'd fallen into my arms.

"Ryan, you were just over there," Callie said then jumped out of my arms. "How did you?"

"I have no idea," I told her.

"Ryan, that was creepy," Jonathan said.

"Maybe it was just a figment of our imagination," I tried.

"What imagination?" Callie scoffed. "When we were little you couldn't even pretend that the world you spent a year inventing was real."

I glared at her and sat back down on the grass.

"Kids!" our mom called. "Dinner!"

I stood back up and walked inside with Jonathan and Callie following close behind me.

We sat down to eat and Jonathan picked up his glass of milk. He took a sip of it and set it down then screamed as if someone was showing him his deepest fears.

"Jonathan?" mom asked. "What's wrong?"

"I think I'm lactose intolerant," he said.

"Intolerance wouldn't cause that much pain."

"It could, I'm going to bed."

Jonathan got up and headed to his room.

Our dog, Junie, came over.

"Hey there boy," Callie said and Junie barked. Callie laughed and I suddenly had the mental image of Junie in a tuxedo in my mind.

"Callie can I talk to you?" I asked and Callie nodded. We both walked outside.

"Why were you laughing?"

"Junie asked if he were to fall in love what type of wedding would he have."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"I somehow understood him."

Explain why I got the mental image of him in a tuxedo, I thought.

"Because you could read my mind," she answered before I asked the question.

"I think you can read mine too, Callie."

"I didn't know that, Einstein," she replied sarcastically.

"It could just be twin telepathy let's try it on Jonathan to double-check."

Callie nodded and we walked inside and headed up to Jonathans room.

He was sitting with his back towards the door and he was staring at the wall.

I heard mutterings of "milk_bad dreams_can't sleep."

"Jonathan did you say something?" I asked.

He turned around. "No. What'd you hear?"

"Milk_bad dreams_can't sleep."

"Can you read minds, Ryan?" Jonathan asked.

"I think so," I said.

"I can too," Callie said. "What'd that milk do to you?"

"It gave me a vision of us all standing on a stage being yelled at for being abnormal."

"We didn't know about our powers when it did that, though," I pointed out.

"Oh no….. you might be able to see the future," Callie said.

"No one can know about this, okay?" I said.

"Ryan, we're not that stupid," Callie said.