How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb
Without a soul my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead it back home

Cold snowy flakes dropped on an even colder winter evening in Pennsylvania. The trees themselves seemed to shiver from the biting chill. All residents who had enough sense, and fortune, were inside sitting by the heater. The wind blew a sharp fierce gale into a hospital room's open window. A woman sat up, her hands clutching dearly at the metal rails and her face contorted into an obvious expression of pain. She took a deep breath in and out.

"All right Mrs. Bennett, just a few more pushes!"

"You said that an hour ago!" The woman bit her lip to keep from crying out.

"I know now PUSH!"

The woman took a deep breath and pushed.

"I can see her head! Just one more push!"

"GODS DAMN THIS!" She screamed and with it came a smaller, shriller scream. Her head flopped onto the pillow, exhausted from the work. A smiling nurse held up the baby girl, drenched in blood.

"Well, this is what all that work was for."

Her eyelids fluttered and she smiled bright. A man burst into the room, his expression wild and surprised.

"Is she here Cassie?"

"Yes." Cassandra looked at her husband with love and back to her newborn child, cleaned up by this time. She took her in her arms and cuddled her tight. Her father looked at his first-born daughter with adoration.

"What's her name Mrs. Bennett?"

"Infiniti. Infiniti Fay Bennett."


The nursery was quiet. Night had fallen and all of the newborns were asleep in their cribs. Each little life was so very precious and peaceful in their little dreams. In a discreet corner flooded with the fluorescent lights of the hospital, a soft shimmering began to build up slowly. In a soft flash of light, three beautiful women appeared. Their hair was flaxen silver, and they looked like goddesses descended unto the Earth. In a slow, graceful walk, they made their way over to tiny Infiniti's crib. Her face was tranquil, exhausted from making her way into this world. For a moment, they just stared at her, their colorless eyes seeming to peer into her very soul.

"She is the next, yes sisters?"

"Aye, her soul holds her heart."

"And her eyes see the truth."

"But she could use a little help."



For a moment they stared at her, as if they were contemplating a hard decision. Then one of the sisters walked up and kissed her on her brow.

"I bless you with knowledge."

The Second sister walked up and followed with the same fashion.

"I bless you with strength."

The third sister repeated.

"I bless you with the Sight."

For a moment, little Infiniti's body began to glow, slowly burning in intensity until the room erupted in incandescent light. Her eyes shot open and from a gray color changed into an iridescent purple, before changing back. Infiniti closed her eyes and the glowing stopped. The sisters sighed and looked at peace.

"Our work here is done."

"Now it is time for her to choose her own path."

"But will it be one of darkness or of light?"

"She will decide." All three chanted together. For a moment they watched before they left, just as silent as they came.

In the opposite corner, curtained in darkness, shadows began to twist and curl, forming into a humanoid shape. The faceless creature walked to Infiniti, darkness dripping out of it like a poison. It looked at Infiniti and smiled a head then becoming apparent in its shape. A female face smiled menacingly and placed a finely manicured nail on Infiniti's chest.

"What is will not be. Be sealed little one, and may you never truly awaken."

The dark coils around her began to make their way up to Infiniti's body as the figure took her nail and dug sharply into her chest. The shadows raced to worm their way into the bleeding opening as Infiniti began to wail helplessly. A spark of light erupted and the figure was thrown back. The figure hissed and threw her hand to the light, shadows flying towards the light. As they got closer, the shadows dissipated. The ball of light then began to produce tendrils of its own, and let them race toward the figure. With a loud cry as the tendrils raced closer, the figure retreated to her corner and disappeared. Infiniti began to wail.

The light shimmered and a true goddess appeared. She wore a cloak of red feathers, and her eyes looked of the clouds above that night. She picked up tiny Infiniti and held her close to her, the little girl's tears dripping onto her bare chest. Time seemed to stop.

"Oh shush little oneā€¦ cry no more. Sleep little one, sleep."

Infiniti's eyes slowly drooped shut. Her breathing was hard and laborious. The goddess's forehead creased in worry.

"The damage is already sinking in, but not completely irreparable."

She laid the now sleeping Infiniti in her crib and placed a hand over the wound. Dark energy was pulsing there. She leaned in close and kissed her brow.

"I give you the gift to survive."

In another flash of light, she was gone, time began once more, and the Fates realized just who had awoken.

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