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A tiny town in Pennsylvania; Tuesday, 6:12 a.m.

Two teenaged boys and a collie walked down the street. One of the boys, a senior high basketball player named John, walked rather briskly, jogging his collie Lass. Lass wagged her fluffy tail and nudged the other boy, who's name was Milo.

As they walked down the street, dogs in backyards barked wildly at Milo. Milo would grin back at them, but then cower and run as the dogs snarled defensively. Lass snapped at one dog in particular, and he instantly shut up. John looked at Milo.

"Man, we gotta stop coming into town. The dogs know."

Milo said nothing, but raised his blue eyes to the sky. John continued.

"Sooner or later, the dogs will probalbly break loose and attack you, then you'll go into 'defense mode', and then-"

"I know, John. I'm well aware of that fact."

Lass looked up at Milo and whined. John watched as his friend got down on his hand and knees and started to pet the collie lovingly. Lass barked.

"I know, girl." Milo muttered, "I know."

They passed a small cake store in town and Milo's mouth began to water.

"Can we get one?"


"Please John?"

John stared at Milo's puppy dog eyes. Uh oh. Act quick.. "Just a cupcake. That's it."

Five minutes later, John came out of the cake store and untied Lass from a dog hitch. After him came a happy Milo, prancing and licking icing off his fingers.

"I'll meet ya later in the forest, John."

"See ya, Milo."

The two boys went separate directions, one to the woods, the other with the dog to his house to get ready for school.


Though John was full of muscle and strength, he was nothing compared to Ben. Ben was a football player, and a big one at that. So when John saw him coming in his direction, he ran.

That started a chase.

Twenty minutes later, John found himself cornered in the back of the school.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stay way from my girlfriend?" Ben growled, grabbing John by his shirt.

John made a face. "All I said was 'Hi', okay? I hardly even know her!"

"But you wish you did!"

Ben raised his fist, ready to strike John, when a howl tore the air.

A wolf's howl.

And it was very close by.

Ben paused, looked around, then was just about to shove his fist into John's face when a large black, grey, and white blur intercepted the blow, snarling viciously. Ben yelled and ran sending wild looks over his shoulder to see the wolf three feet behind, and gaining. The wolf lunged, tearing Ben's sneaker to shreds, and the football player bolted like he never had before.

John watched as the wolf sauntered up to him, it's tongue hanging out from the run. John smiled and patted the animal. It's golden eyes glowed warmly, it's tail wagging.

John laughed. "Thanks Milo. Now you'd better get out of here before animal control gets you."

The wolf gave him a comical wolf grin and skipped away.


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