Friday, 9:34 p.m.

John walked through the moonlight, still wearing glow-in-the-dark arm rings from a friend's birthday party. As he walked, he glanced up into the night sky.

Staring back at him was a full moon.

Great...I knew I should've gotten that turkey.

John bolted back into town and bought a large Thanksgiving-type turkey. He lugged the whole thing back to his house. In the front yard, leashed to her dog house, Lass welcomed him warmly, shaking all over. John laughed. "I came prepared. Don't worry."

As he neared the front door, a crash could be heard from inside. John rolled his eyes to heaven. Thank goodness his parents were on a cruise in the Carribean!(John's in his older teens, so...yeah. He can stay alone.) John opened the door to see a rather not-so-unfamiliar sight.

A couch lay over turned, as did a table. A window was broken and the china cabnet looked more like a dish rag cabnet.

From behind John, in the hallway, came a snarl.

John turned to see a large shaggy creature, with yellow eyes and tasseled ears. The wolf-like animal rose onto it's hind legs, reaching seven feet in height, and let out a howling roar. John threw his arms over the creature's short, wolfish snout.

"Shut up, Milo! They'll hear you!"

The beast lashed out at him, unsurprisingly (to john, that is). John nimbly dodged the bear sized claws and held the turkey out.

"Milo, dude, I've got somethin' for ya!"

The wolfish beast stood there growling, then slowly, the eyes softened to a yellowy-blue (not green, though). The creature blinked.


"Full moon, right?"

"Yep. You scared Lass out there."

Milo slumped into a large furry lump, scratching his head with his man-like wolf foot.

"I can control myself other nights," he whimpered, "but why not during full moons?!"

There was a sudden snap outside and Lass jumped into the house, excess leash hanging from her collar. John moaned. "Lass, I keep buying these!" He grabbed her collar and dragged her out to the backyard, unclipping the broken leash and sending her free to run. He re-entered the house to find Milo tearing at the turkey.

The were-wolf looked up.

"Want some?"

"Eh, no thanks." John winced as slobbed dripped down the side of the old turkey carcass.

Then the doorbell rang.

John frantically shoved Milo into his room and ran to answer the door. There stood Miss Hall, his stuperspitious eighty three year old neighbor from down the street. She was holding a gun.

"What is it, Miss Hall?" John muttered. The old lady tried to push her way inside.

"You've got beasts in here?! Were-Wolves? Vampires? Chupacabra?!"

She took a whiff of the air in his house. "Wolf. Were-wolf!"

John blocked her way. "There's nothing here Miss Hall. Go home, now."

The old lady muttered and walked back to her car.

John bolted to his bedroom where Milo sat watching through the window, turkey bits in his teeth.

"That crazy old bat is getting crazier then ever." John said, sitting on his bed.

Milo raised both his eyebrows. "Not to mention she drives a classic sports car with a bumper sticker saying 'I heart Hawii' on the back."


Yes! The secret is out! Milo is a were-wolf! 8D

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