Isaiah L Reuvers

Story for SyFy

The Day History Stopped

Passages form the Voice-to-text journal of:

Major Ephraim Allen

U.S. Air Force "Specialist"

Pilot of U.S3 Long Lance

Operation: "Far Reach"

June, 11, 2032. 1223.

Today will be the first day I will be using this new journal that General Nobis gave me. He said I should make a few entries so I get use to this deceive. By far this is one of the most confidential assignments I have had. According to the General, I better, (insert Quote), "Say your goodbyes, cause it's do or die from here on out, (end quote)," let's hope he does not me that literally.

In two days I will be placed in a facility where I will not know where I will be. At least they warned me. Unlike in the past where my parents could contact me from our home, I will be completely cut off from any and all communication. Whatever I got myself into, already it seems to be overwhelming.

My mother is taking it harder than usual. She was against the whole idea to being with, and now she as progressed to the state of not talking to me at all. Even at the dinner table. My father says that she will be fine. (Insert Quote), "She's just dealing with the fact that she will not be able to see you in a while, (end quote)". And she is not the only one who is upset at me.

My girlfriend of 3 years, belle, as also decided to ignore me. I have tried her house, over and over again but no answer. Hopefully I can get in touch with her before I go.

End transmiton.

June 13, 2032. 0943.

This morning was the most emotional I had seen either of my parents. My mom looked like she was at my funeral, with heavy sobs and enough tears to fill a river. And my dad, when I looked into his eyes I could see he was close to tears, my dad, the rock, the one man who never cried in front of people. He also pulled me close and told me that he was proud and that he loved me. I had never heard him say that, ever. Belle also was there at the bus stop. She came by to apologize to me for ignoring me, and I purposed to her at the bus stop. I gave her my Grandmother's ring, and we kissed. I will miss them all.

End Transmition

July 30, 2032. 2345.

It has been more than a month since I last made an entry and I admit I have some catching up to do. During this last month my days have become nothing but tests. They test me for everything in here: Influenza, STDs, my allegiance to the United States, my IQ, and my endurance. I fail to see what all of these test will prove but whatever it is I can tell this much about, it's big. I mean, top secret big.

I am not sure where I am, the guards at the base blind folded me. After about what seemed to be forever, I arrived at what I would call my new home. It seems to be a gigantic size facility inside a hillside, or underground somewhere. They call the base, Stronghold 7. The General said that it was about the size of small city. It freaks me out to realize that there might be 6 or more of these places hidden across the US if not the world. Now I see where our tax money goes to fund.

I have been told that I am not the only candidate in this project. According to one of the people who preformed the test on my, there are three other candidates in this facility alone! I'm not sure if it was an accidental leak or if they ordered to say that in order to apply the pressure on me. But I defiantly feel it.

End Transmition

Skipping Entries 4-34

October 22, 2033. 0013.

Tonight an alarm went off in the middle of the night. I woke up to find General Nobis, the general in charge of this project, in my doorway. He told me to get dressed and to follow him. He walked me to a room that I had never been in before. I was a room filled with computer equipment that would make the war-room in the Pentagon look little a used computer store, every thing was how they described in SciFy novels. The General looked at me and said, (Insert Quote), "Only the best for US Space Missions, especially when the stakes are this high, (end quote)." He guided me to a large screen that covered almost the entire wall, on the screen was a 3-D map of earth and the space around it. There were two dots representing the two stations in space, the Chinese and the Americans. For the past 20 years we have been trying to go beyond the system, and the Chinese have been doing the same. (Insert Quote). "They have got there ship in orbit, (end Quote)," said General Nobis, (Insert Quote), "We have to hurry and get you up there and beat those Chinese bastards, (end quote)". Then some white-coat techy walks up to the General and starts muttering some nerd-talk of why the ship and the program is not ready. The General then took the tecky's clipboard and threw it across the room, (insert quote), "I don't care if it is not ready, it is all a race. A race we need to win! (End Quote)"

A race. Is that all this is? Just to beat China? To prove America can still compete with China. Not to explore Space or to colonize other planets? If that is all this is, a race, I cannot help but feel like I am about to be but in harms way.

End Transmittion.

October 22, 2033. 0730.

I have been briefed on what the situation is. According to General Nobis, myself and five other pilots are being sent into orbit to our own space station where some space engineers are waiting for us and there they will prep us for something Americans have only dreamt about: going at the speed of light. Throughout the debriefing, I glanced over at the General's aids. Both were the scientists in charge of this operation and both were as white as their lab coats. There is something the General is not telling me. If I ask I doubt he will tell me, since the other two have not spoken to me already. It seems that no matter what the project is moving full steam ahead, with everyone else hanging on for dear life. About this time tomorrow I will be in space reading for the biggest accomplishment in history, traveling the speed of light.

End transmittion

October 24, 2033. 1643.

I will try to sum up what has happened over the past to days.

When I arrived at the station I was greeted with cheers, applause and sighs of relief. They informed me that all the other pilots had died on their take off. A dame waste if you ask me. And the according to the engineers, the General new that the ships where not ready for take off but he forced them to launch anyway. What is the General Planning?

While I was waiting to launch into space, General Nobis apparently over stepped his authority and declared marshal law over the entire program, the president supposedly sent the National Guard to arrest him. All that I know is that General Nobis's men are far better trained and will probably hold them until the troops from over seas come home, but that is estimated to take 36 more hours. So until then the General is in charge. He was barking at the engineers in the space station to hurry the project along. He probability wants us to finish this before his base is overrun, if it ever is. I asked one of the engineers about the mission, he just says that if we fail, there will be no earth. I think he is under the delusion that China my take over the universe and rule every one. Who knows what they think sometimes.

End Transmittion

October 26, 2033. 1236.

Tomorrow is the day, the day that history will be made. At 2000 hours Eastern Time, the first Spacecraft to reach the speed of light will be the one on this space station, the United States Star Ship Lance, or the US cubed lance, as the engineers call it. It cost the government 1.23 trillion dollars to make it possible. Needless to say, I will need to be careful with it. I got took look at her today, Lance I mean. She's gorgeous, she has four wing like tails, which makes her look like an old rocket, but I am sure she is anything but that. I realize now that whatever I do now, I will be in the history books, even if I get court-martialed. It's scary, but I can do it.

End Transmittion.

October 27, 2033. 1743.

It's time, they are telling me that I have to get into Lance now so I can help then to a systems check, and so I can get used to the controls. If this should be my last recording, Belle, I love you, if I die live on for me, please.

End Transmittion

October 27, 2033. 2354.

Needless to say, I have been where no man went before, the speed of light. And man, it was sweet! It was like a rollercoaster ride, except faster than the normal speed. Hell if a rollercoaster went the speed of light I bet that could be as close has to the experience as it will ever get. But now I have a job to do. Now that I have launched I guess it is say to say what my mission was. To but it simply, I traveled the speed of light for five seconds and right now I have to wait for the computer to gage the distance, which could take hours. But I have a CO2 converter so I shouldn't run out of air. But it is going to be a wait. I'm thinking I will take a nap. And how knows, when I wake up I may see Pluto, ha!

End Transmittion

October 28, 2033. 0202.

Go Figure. We spend a trillion dollars on this thing and now the damn thing says it cannot locate earth. What a bunch of bullshit. (sigh) Well I guess something had to go wrong. I have to start the scan again, this time I will send them a message letting them know I am all right. I am sure General Nobis, will be pleased.

End Transmiition.

October 28, 2033. 0821.

Something is wrong. The computer is still not reading the planet earth, and Earthcom has not answered my reply. Great. I guess I better turn this around. And fly back, without the help of the engineers, to figure out what the hell is going on. But I admit. I am excited to go through light speed again.

End Transmittion.

October 28, 2033. 1456.

It took me awhile, but now I have the ship facing back toward earth. In the meantime I have been doing some calculations. In order to go back to earth, I have to plan exactly when I come out of light speed. Too long, and I will run into the earth at light speed, that would be bad. Too short and it would take days to travel back to earth's orbit. Which I am not a fan of. So I have decided that I must go back for 4.6522313 seconds in light speed so I am as close to the earth without risking a collision. Wish me luck!

End Transmittion.

October 28, 2033. 1501.

What the hell? I must have undershot it too much because I think I am in the asteroid felid between Mars and Jupiter. I am having the computer do some more scans to be sure. But if this is the case I would hate to try to go into light speed for less than 1 second. Anyway, I will find out after the scans.

End Transmittion.

October 28, 2033. 1543.

This damn computer. It's telling me that I should be near earth. But I am not, this was no where near what earth looked liked.

End Transmittion.

October 28, 2033. 1603.

I can't believe it. I cannot fucking believe it. I am looking to my right and I am seeing the moon. The fucking moon! But why would the moon be near asteroids? Unless. No it couldn't. these asteroids, they are the earth? or what is left of it. Oh god! What did this? Aliens or did China use their nukes and blew up every one. Or did General Nobis? I don't know, but I must know.

End Transmittion

October 28, 2033. 1804.

I think I know what happened. The computer showed that it's not just the moon that's off. All the planets have moved. For some of there orbits, they are closer to where the earth was. The computer determined that the only possible conclusion was a black hole, but that is impossible. No black hole can appear and disappear just like that.

End Transmittion

October 28, 2033. 2008.

It's correct. The computer is right. Why? I looked into some of the files that were onboard the ship, and now I know that a temporary black hope was created. Because in the report it says that this ship had a likely hood of creating one. It fits, why the earth is gone, and why all that remains are asteroids. Damn you Nobis! Why did you have to do it? Did it really matter if we won?

End Transmittion

October 30, 2033. 2354.

I don't know why I am saying this? Who is even going to hear it anyway? O well. I decided to do it. I am responsible, I should have stopped it before this happened, but now. I am the only one alive. But that will change I turn off my CO2 converter. I am going to die. At least I can decide my end. Please if anyone hears this listen, progress without caution is bound to doom everyone.

End Transmition.

October 31, 2033. 0023.

I fell numb. And tired. I no longer care. What's there to care for? Nothing. That's what. Nothing. Not a damn fucking thing. It all ends in the end. Right?...Belle?…Belle? Mom, Dad? What are you all doing here? did you survive? Wait don't go I am coming….

Transmittion ended due to no verbal input.