"Oh man... Grady, did you really have to go and do all of this?" I grumbled from my grounded position, looking up at the dark sky trying to catch shimmers of any stars shooting past while fighting the urge to roll over and vomit my entire stomachs contents out.

"Dude, it's your last party in Galveston, we're making sure you go out G-Town style. Now quit being a bitch and get back inside, I'm about to fire up a sweet." I heard distinctly over the blaring music, bass that shook the whole house, and screaming teenagers shouting the normal random obscenities that drunken high school kids shout… Mostly composed of overzealous declarations of love and friendship, coupled with angry, incomprehensible shouting from the other types that were about to beat the hell out of each other.

I sprang up to my feet unwisely, feeling my stomach churn with all the moonshine and whiskey flaring back up into my throat, a result of the carbonation of the beer below, (Beer then liquor, never sicker. Liquor then beer, you're in the clear) it all bubbling burps that made it feel like my throat was so toxic it was flammable (And probably was). I stood for a moment and let it all settle, before glancing over at where the voice of my best friend was trailing from. There stood Grady, a slender dude that just barely reached 6 foot, and still only weighed 150lbs; red, short, curly hair, blue eyes, freckles all over, and kind of pale, he was the kind of guy any girl would fall for. Hell, since he always hung out with me he looked even better to `em, like when you look at a nicely colored rainbow beta fish compared to a goldfish.

"You coming dude?" Remarked Grady when he noticed that I was just standing there, blankly staring his direction.

"Yeah man… Where's everybody at?"

"In the house, partying bro. Why are you chilling on the balcony man? You'll have plenty of time to think about whatever the hell it was when you wake up tomorrow." I heard Grady say.

"You mean today..?" I said glancing at my phone which marked the time as 1:30 AM.

"Nah dude, tomorrow. You ain't gonna be getting up after you go down today, we're going too hard for that." He said, as he held up a freshly rolled sweet, and twirled it around his fingers, taunting me to come back inside.

"Tell me that's a blueberry."

"It's a blueberry bro, with some Blueberry Kush rolled up inside. Now get moving or I 'ma take greens and I know you wanna spark this hoe up." Grady said with drunken confidence.

"Aight bro. Let's go. But where is everyone else? I'm sure they all want to toke down with us one last time."

"With you. I 'ma keep blowing down with `em when you're gone." Remarked Grady in his usual, laid back tone.

"Yeah… Yeah, whatever. Let's find them before we spark it up." I responded while walking back into the house. After Grady closed the door behind me I took a quick glance to my left and my right, checking for any of my closed circle friends dancing like a drunken moron. Instead I met the gaze of myself, when I looked to the far right and my reflection in the window looked back at me. I sized myself up to make sure everything was there without any major cuts, bruises… General stuff drunk me might not notice for a while. White boy, large shoulders, broad chest, 5'6", 170lbs, dark brown hair barely reaching 2 inches but curling at the end anyway, insanely red lips (Natural), dark brown eyes, a grizzled neckbeard, and 5 o'clock I should have shaved a week ago.

I felt a hand rest on my shoulder and saw Grady in the reflection before turning to meet his gaze.

"You're wasted man. C'mon, let's go find Mitch first." He said right before a scream pierced the air followed by a "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME BITCH?!"
Grady and I looked in the direction of the circle gathering with phones out trying to capture the mayhem, before looking at each other and saying perfectly in sync "Yep, that's him."

We pushed our way through the crowd causing a few people to fall over but everyone was too drunk or preoccupied to care. When we finally reached the center there he was, just like we said. Mitch, a country kind of white, very light brown hair less than an inch long, 6'2" 175-180lbs, skinny but not too lengthy for his size, in the face of another dude less than 6 foot, didn't look bigger than 150lbs. "I 'ma kick the living shit out of you boy you don't know who you fucking with here." He half screamed. He backed up a bit, and raised his fist, homedude did the same, he brought his right fist up by his ear and said "You see this?" as it started shaking left-right. Homedude replied "Yeah but you ain't go-" and was interrupted by a front kick to his jaw (I showed him how to do that) that put him cold out on the sofa he was standing in front of. "You shouldn't have looked at that." Mitch replied to the gasp of the crowd.

Grady and I just laughed, it was deja-vu of the same party we've had since seventh grade, wouldn't be a Jamaica Beach Boys party if Mitch didn't knock someone out. We walked past him both putting a hand on an opposite shoulder and leading his super hyped ass outside to my car where Grady took shotgun and Mitch took a backseat.

"Stay here and calm him down, y'all can load up my pipe with my shorelime, it's all under the center console, usual spot. I'm gonna go find Dominic, Will, Forrest, and Jessie."

"You sure you aight bro? You're wasted so maybe I should look for them." Retorted Grady.

"Nah man you should just calm Mitch down before someone else gets KO'd. I'll be fine"

He nodded to acknowledge me and pulled my stash out, beginning to break down the bud as I walked back into the house. Sure enough as soon as I got in there I found Dominic and Jessie, Big-D (Dominic's nick name) had his hands on Jessie's feet to keep him up during a keg-stand and everyone was shouting "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!". I swear it looked like he had sucked up at least half the keg before he was done.

I walked up to them as Big D was helping Jessie to his feet since he always just falls from his keg-stands. He says it's easier that way. Jessie was just as tall as me, but was 140lbs with way curlier hair (We used to call him Afroman when he grew it out about a foot long) a bit lighter than mine, but pretty dark, tan skin. He was mostly Mexican after all. Next to him stood Big D, easily the biggest of us (And the hardest to box, he's got monkey reach even with his already tall ass self, he never knew his real Dad but I'm convinced he was Italian) at 6'4", 185lbs, hair as dark as mine but more curly, a yellowish tinted tan skin color, and to top it all off probably the most chill of all my friends.

"Yo, bro, where'd you go?" Dominic asked me as he pulled Jesse off the ground.

"Just chilling man, y'all should hop up in my jeep so we can blow a sweet."

"Hell yeah I'm down" They both said in sync. They were a crew of two just like Grady and I and we always got along damn good, they've been with me since I moved from Texas City to Galveston and it was going to be a bit tough not having them around like always.

I moved on and around, looking left and right to try to find these two last dudes. Will was a bit shorter than me, being the youngest of all of us (And maybe the craziest too), he had straight dirty blonde hair that was just as long as mine and blue eyes: he was 5'4" and 130lbs, white as me by nature but tanned down from his time spent fishing. I found him middle up in a crew of females; spitting game like it's going out of style even with some boyfriends right there (They wouldn't say anything to him anyway). I tapped him on the shoulder and shook his hand G-Town style when he turned around.

"It just ain't gonna be the same without you here dog. Sucks that you're moving an' shit." He said in reply to the greeting.

"Yeah, but there ain't shit I can do about it. No school in the state of Texas would take me with my laundry list."

"That's so messed up them pinning all that shit on you. All our crew and me seriously think we should go up to the police station and confess about all the shit that went down that night. You're the only one of us who can't follow his dream with a felony, how are you going to get into medical school now?" Will said with the most apologetic face I had ever seen him put on.

"I won't. I faced that a while back, and I'm working on something new. Maybe I'll open a bar, and earn my way working for myself, or maybe I'll finally work on getting my songs published. Dreams are dreams for a reason bro, it's time I stop riding it and try something more back down to Earth." I rebuked to my friend. He was right; it was messed up for me to get a criminal record for something I didn't do… But, I've always said I'd take a bullet for any one of my friends so I never really was mad at them when their antics lead back to me, it was just finally time for me to do something for them that mattered.

Looking at Will, I could tell he wasn't convinced, and Will being Will… Well, let's just say he never says something unless he means it.

"Look man, I appreciate that, I really do. However, I think it's best for just one of us to get a felony rather than all of y'all. I don't blame you, Grady, Mitch, or Big D for anything. It was nothing but shit luck that they got me. Shit happens. I'm just glad they stopped with me and didn't think y'all had anything to do with it. I've always said I would do anything to keep my homeboys out of Shits Creek so I knew it was time to just bite the bullet. That's why I confessed man; you don't owe me anything so don't think you do. I'm just glad I could finally do something for y'all for once, I mean, y'all been looking out for me since I moved here. Now stop moping and groping around, hop in the back of my jeep, I'll be there in a minute to fire up this Blueberry Kush filled blueberry sweet."

"Aight bro, but look you know we got you if you ever need anything. Say it as much as you want but we all owe you for more than just covering our asses. You could of told those cops all of that was ours and they would've been happy taking us to jail instead. Hell, they been trying to pin something on us for as long as I can remember." Will said before shaking my hand and heading out the back as not to draw attention to the roaches around.

I walked to the back room where my old buddy the Grim Reaper was being passed around filled with swag (Yuck!). As soon as I walked in I saw Forrest sitting in the middle of the circle filled with females. Forrest was 5'9" but only 140lbs; he had hair down to his shoulders, seriously light brown, almost a blonde color. He was playing one of my favorite songs on the guitar, one he taught me himself. "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.
Not wanting to interrupt his playing I sat down between one of the girls that was setting next to him and the next girl on her left when she offered a hit from my bong, the good ol' Grim Reaper. I torched half that bowl and it went down like candy, when you're used to the hydro, swag is child's play. I put my arms around a girl on both sides (I probably wouldn't have done that sober) and joined Forrest on the song, singing "We're just, two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl! Year after year." Causing everyone to chuckle a bit when I hugged both the girls. When he was done and Grim had been passed around another round I tapped him on the shoulder and said "Hey bro, you should roll with me for a bit."

Forrest responded with a nod and a smile, knowing exactly what I meant. As we were on our way out he said "So dude, I never heard the full story with your felony, I know they caught you with a bunch of drugs, but I don't know the whole story."

I sighed a bit and laughed at the same time, both seemingly appropriate reactions.

"Well check it, it went down like this." I said right as I entered my jeep and Forrest took the last back seat (Not really seat, just open space) in the very back of my Cherokee.

I was driving down to 81st street to pick up some munchies from the Hollywood store and I got a call from Mitch. He said that they really needed a ride back to Jamaica Beach because they had some party favors and in town Galveston is not a nice place, to say the least. I went to pick them up and they said a crew of spics was calling them out and they needed me to take their shit back home to keep it safe while they dealt with them. I didn't even think twice about it and said "Load me up." Mitch proceeded to hand me a pill bottle full of Bars, another full of vicoden, another full of hydrocodone, and half a bottle of exos. "That's it? Where's the bud at?" He ran inside and ran back out with a Wal-Mart bag full of some of the best hydro I've ever smelled in my life, shit was so pungent I could smell it while it was still inside the bag that was supposed to be air tight, wrapped in a garbage bag, and put in a Wal-Mart bag.

"How much?" I asked curiously. Mitch replied "That's a cutiesack right there so smoke as much as you want you ain't gonna put a dent in that shit." I nodded with a smile crackling across my lips, took a hit of his personal bubbler before I left and took off. I guess the cops knew me , or what just went down somehow because they pulled me right over when I hit the Seawall. They had no probable cause but you can't fight that shit in Galveston, cops are so fucking crooked you could use them as hangars. Sure enough I had that shit under my seat and all the pills stashed under my center console (Which does not look or feel like it will move, but you just gotta pop it a certain way). Fucking cop said I looked and smelled high so they were going to "Have to" search the vehicle.

They found the quarter-pound of hydro under my seat and had me at the station in less than ten minutes. The entire time they were interrogating me about my buyers, sellers, friends, anything they could get out of me they wanted. I didn't give up anyone, I said that I found the cutie on the beach and planned to take it back home and smoke it all myself. When the fuckers said "You know marijuana is illegal right?" I just kicked right into smartass mode since I knew I was fucked, and replied "Yeah, that's why I wanted to burn it all to rid the world of it".

They charged me with a Class A Felony, attempting to distribute illicit drugs in a school district (Since they said that's where they "Saw me come from") and said I was looking at five years in the pen. But my Mom used to be a Galveston cop and pulled every favor she could, mixed with my step-dad being the Chief of Police in Kemah they were able to get the judge to charge me as a juvenile even though I was already 17. The verdict was 200 hours of community service after a year in jail, my step-dad (I love that man, I would say he more than earned the title of Dad to me but he knew it without me ever having to call him it) talked to the judge in private and cut the deal to where I repeat high school and then do college in a certain correctional facility where I could learn the values of a law-abiding citizen. To be honest, I really didn't care about anything other than not going to jail, so I was willing to take any offer they gave me. I snatched that deal up immediately.
-End of Flashback-
"Holy shit man, that's some bunk" Forrest replied to the story told for the millionth time.

"Yeah. How did they know about you having that?" Grady said from the backseat next to Forrest.

Mitch spoke up and answered the question for me. "Most likely someone saw me running out to his jeep with a big ass grin on my face and a Wal-mart bag in my hands."
"That makes sense..." Will said with a thoughtful expression and trailing voice, before having a bulb go off in his head. "You said they charged you for the bud... But what about the pills?"

"Oh, you mean these?" I rebuked with a grin, pulling my center console out to expose the bottles left with about half of their original contents.

Big-D spoke up finally, saying "Who do you think supplied the party?"

Everyone bust out laughing with cheeky grins and coarse voices before a mini cough fest broke out as a result.

"Oh shit man. That's classic." Jesse replied to the situation. "So what was the correctional thing all about?"

"Well I just gotta go to this one bullshit institution and repeat high school and go to it for college as well. It seemed like the worst of all the deals but then I was told it would make the felony completely disappear from my record. I'm just pretty sure the diploma from them is kinda like a staunch misdemeanor, so I'm not getting into med school. It's still better than no felony, though."

"What's the name of it?" Forrest asked curiously.

I sighed and held a moment of silence before finally answering. "Momma Madeiras School for Maniacs and Monsters."

Everyone burst out with insane laughter, before I finally pulled out my Dark Side Of The Moon zippo, rolled up the windows, and lit the sweet, beginning the intended hotbox.

"Chance... That fits you perfectly!" Mitch said, howling like a hyena.

"Yeah... I know."