I turned the keys and the noise from the car stopped instantly. The silence of the night rung out around me and I stared ahead, part of admired the difference in noise. I left the car lights on and the light broke through the darkness slightly. I had thought the light was bright before, I was wrong. I could see a black, murky lake lined with the dark outline of trees in the distance. Nothing seemed to move, not even the water dared to break at the surface, no tiny ripple or fish. Each second ticked by and I tightened my grip on the steering wheel. I hated waiting, had always hated waiting but what else could I do? I started to fiddle with my long hair but after a few moments I sighed and fumbled around the door, searching in the darkness with nothing but my fingertips for guidance. Eventually my hand struck the plastic door handle and I quickly pulled it. The door swung open. The smell of water and sap reached me the second it opened, like it had been waiting for me just outside, barely out of reach. I turned myself around, finding my feet against the ground. My heels sunk slightly into the mud but I stood up, ignoring it. My eyes jingled in my hands. The nearby trees were swaying slightly, I was thankful for the movement. Everything was still unbearably still but I ignored it as best as possible. A bang sounded as I closed the door and it felt like the noise would travel forever. The icy cold air was silent and noise seemed to move and echo freely. I couldn't believe it was still and silent. I leaned against the car door, bringing my left foot to rest against it. The sap smell was strong and almost overpowering. What was I doing here? I was foolish to be here, and I knew it. More time elapsed, it seemed like an eternity. My muscles had started to sense and the cold air was starting to bite into my skin. I didn't move, didn't dare. Where was he? Something banged behind me and I snapped my head around. Darkness. I stared into the darkness, attempting to see movement or something but nothing became clear. No shadows or moving trees. My keys dropped from my hands and I cursed out loud before leaning forwards, grasping the faded chain in my fingers. Once I stood up again I turned my eyes back towards the vast lake. It stretched out a distanced before tall trees started to blur against the sky. Another night, another time and I would have admired the beauty of it.

'You came' The voice made me freeze and I could see the sly smirk on his face. Footsteps behind me, one, two, three pairs. Of course he wasn't alone. 'Did you bring it?' His voice was rough and I heard a metallic clicking sound behind me, guns? Knives? I didn't want to know. I opened my mouth to respond but my tongue disobeyed, sitting against my jaw frozen, refusing to budge. I nodded and started moved to unzip my jacket. Something hard, cold and metallic was placed against my skull and I froze.

'Don't move or I'll shoot' Another voice growled, they sounded younger and more excited.

'Bo, go get it' The first voice called, it sounded faintly weaker and I assumed he had turned to another man. For a moment I heard only footsteps, the crunch of twigs breaking beneath heavy shoes and the breathing on my neck from the man with the gun. A man appeared in front of me. He looked smug and his long black hair seemed to droop around his head.

'Where is it?' The man I assumed to be Bo asked. His voice was sickening and the look on his face made my skin crawl. I held my tongue still but he slapped me hard across the face. The sting from his hand lingered and I sighed.

'Inside pocket, on the right' I whispered, forcing myself to look down. He wore a leather jacket that zipped diagonally. Bo pushed my arms away from my jacket and I let them drop uselessly to my side. He slowly lowered the zip on my jacket and dug his hand inside. He made sure to squeeze my breast as he moved past before finding the inner zipper. The soft inner fabric shifted slightly as he hand twisted to reach inside. I felt the weight being lifted from my pocket. I stared uselessly at his jacket, focusing on the lines of zips that ran across it. My body stared to reach, fear running though. What would these men do?

'Got it' He yelled, pulling a small parcel out into the light.

'Come here, Bo' The first voice called and Bo glared at me before disappearing back to his boss. I heard the crinkling of paper being opened and the intake of breath as they observed the prize they had fought so hard for. The gun was still pressed against my head and so I moment I wondered if I was fast enough to grab it. I tensed but the man holding the gun moved with me, tensing the gun too. I forced the idea from my mind, it was stupid. I knew they would all be armed and much stronger then me, I didn't have a chance. Something else shifted behind me, it sounded almost like leather but I could not quite identify the source.

'Can I Boss? Can I? Can I?!' The young man seemed to almost jump with excitement and I felt the gun shifting with each slight movement. Someone chuckled behind me, I wasn't sure which, did I matter? I wondered what happened, what next?

'Sure' The first voice called, seeming to shrug. I heard a loud bang, felt a pressure against my head. Felt the cold floor, emptiness, loneliness, nothingness, my story. The story I can never tell.