Eating lunch on that hot sunny day in Las Vegas, Nevada, Steve Griswold went to a nearby computer to check his e – mail. He logged into his G – Mail account and saw he had 80 unread messages. Steve saw one message was from facebook. He opened it up and the message said: "You have 1 friend with a birthday this week."

It showed Marlene's profile picture, which looked like: Marlene in one of her NASCAR races before her career ended a few years ago with a DUI. The profile picture had Marlene and Stan Potsie winning a race together. Steve also saw facebook told him: "January 17th. Write on Marlene's Timeline."

Steve wished he could be there for Marlene's birthday, but he couldn't since he was back to work after celebrating the holidays with the gang. He had surprised his friends that Christmas with surprising news that he was now engaged.

While out celebrating the holidays with the gang, Steve and his friends met a new friend that Jay McCarey was spending so much time with. Marlene had liked this woman Jay spent so much time with because both women liked motorcycles. Steve knew what he could surprise Marlene with for her birthday this week.

He was going to send the gift online besides wishing her happy birthday but he would have to find the perfect one. His girlfriend, Madeline Evans, walked in.

"It's time to go back to work, honey," Madeline said, touching his shoulder.

She looked at the facebook message.

"Marlene, huh? Isn't she the one I met over Christmas and New Year's with the hair dye?" Madeline asked.

"No. That one was Carla. The older one is her cousin, Marlene," Steve told her.

"They were friendly, I thought. You haven't met my friends yet," Madeline told him.

"I know I haven't. I guess it's because of this job," Steve said as the two kissed.

After he logged off his G – Mail account, one of their co – workers, Drew, peeked his head into the office.

"Break's over, Griswold," Drew said.

Drew took a closer look in the office. He knew something wasn't right about his co – workers lately. But what could it be? That's when he saw Steve and Madeline kissing.

"Did you hear me, Griswold? Time to get back to work," Drew said a bit louder.

"Steve, Drew's here," Madeline said, finally noticing Drew.

"Did you come to spy on us, Drew?" Madeline asked.

"No, I didn't, Ms. Evans. I just noticed you two were a bit late," Drew said.

"I came in and told Steve lunch was over and we both got distracted. We're sorry, Drew," Madeline apologized.

"Well, don't let it happen again."

"We won't, she said as she and Steve grabbed their cameras and headed outside.